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Learn how to create and carve your own custom stamp designs, and use a variety of stamping techniques from mixed-media guru Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

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Make your mark with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s innovative and comprehensive approach to stamp carving. Learn how to design and carve your own custom stamps, including carving linear and curved designs, alphabets, complex and repeating geometrical shapes, and image transfers.

Learn a variety of tips and techniques for rubber stamp carving:

  • Layer stamps to create new and unique designs
  • How to create stamps that work together as well as individually
  • How to incorporate your handmade stamps into art with other carved and commercial stamps
  • Create a screen printing effect with your stamps
  • And more!

Not only will you learn how to make custom stamps, but you will also find simple projects to apply your new creations to. Also learn how to print onto different materials, like fabric, leather, canvas, and paper. Mixed-media artists will delight in this contemporary look at stamp art and creation, as well as revel in the opportunity to try it out for themselves!

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596688865

Number Of Pages: 144

Customer Reviews

Resourceful and Inspiring Review by alwfineART

As usual, Julie does not disappoint! This book has loads of valuable information... her tips on how to take my designs from sketchbook to carving blocks was one of the most valuable things I read. Another great thing about her style of instruction is that she makes it all look so easy... this is a great book for beginners as well as experienced artists looking for good tips spiced with inspiration!

As a fine artist who needs to work smarter, I'm finding this book an invaluable resource for taking my designs to the next level (without incurring the expense of having them professionally made into red rubber stamps via an online service). As a retiree turned full time artist, I really like developing my own tools for creative expression wherever feasible; Julie's book is just what I need! A GREAT BOOK!

P.S. I'm the same person (Angela) who wrote a previous review only to see a bunch of grammatical errors that I couldn't find a way to edit. Stuff like that often happens when I use my iPad to type longer reviews. LOL This just goes to show how much I like and support this book by Julie. She's an amazing artist with a wonderful sense of style and positive energy!

(Posted on 4/15/14)

Inspirational and informative Review by Angela

As usual, Julie does not disappoint! This book as loads of valuable tips... as a fine artist who needs to work smarter, I find this book a valuable resource. Her tips on how to take designs from sketchbook to a carving blocks are the most valuable. Great book!

(Posted on 4/13/14)

negative reviews Review by cakhuxel

I am curious why you would leave a negative rating for a book you have not received yet? Leaving a one-star review skews the results, and that's not fair since you have not had an opportunity to see for yourself the value of the product. Just because you received a computer-generated auto reply, that has nothing to do with the book. The book will be released on November 30. I suggest you remove your review until you've received your copy. I am leaving a 5 star review because I appreciate the author and because I appreciate the sale I received by pre-ordering. When my copy arrives in December I will come back and adjust that rating if it's necessary.

(Posted on 11/12/13)

PRE-order Review by Nancy

I know it's not clear on the order page, but:

This title will be released on November 30, 2013.

I had one of Julie's original, hand published, stamped instruction booklets from 20 yr ago (until my sister stole it) and it was brilliant. I'm sure this will be work waiting for!

(Posted on 10/30/13)

Still haven't received it! Review by Susan

I received an email to review this book, but as of this date, I still haven't received it! (10/22/13)

(Posted on 10/22/13)