Chased Silver Cuff

Create lovely arcs in this decadent bangle bracelet project that will advance your chasing and repousé skills.

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Beautifully designed, and decadently textured; advance your chasing and repousé skills with this bracelet project that yields lovely end results. Create rhythmic arcs with this classic technique that will advance your Metalsmithing technique and has limitless applications once you master the technique.

Required Materials:

Prototype: 22 gauge copper, 6" x 1 5/8"
Finished: 20 gauge sterling silver sheet, 6" x 2"


CHASING AND REPOUSSÉ: Pitch pot, medium green chaser’s
pitch plus loose pieces, basic curved and straight liner tools,
planishing tools, chasing hammers (light, medium and
heavy weight), heat gun, cooking spray, long nose pliers,
mineral oil, denatured alcohol, paper towel

ANNEALING: Torch, tips, Prips flux, white fire brick, quench,
pickle, neutralizer (baking soda), rinse LAYOUT: Ruler, pencil, tracing paper, graphite paper, blue painters tape, ballpoint pen

HAND: Scribe, large sand bag, small urethane dead blow
hammer, 5 and 7mm Fretz embossing hammer, jeweler’s
saw, saw blades, beeswax, 6" file, jeweler’s files, sandpaper, Bonny Doon urethane forming hammer

POLISHING AND FINISHING: Flex shaft, assorted 3M bristle

Originally Published: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, July 2012

SKU: EP6425

Author/Speaker/Editor: Tom & Kay Benham

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Format: eProject