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Oh what joys you can find in Christmas quilting and handmade gifting.

Find easy Christmas gifts to make and handmade gift ideas in Quilting Arts Gifts magazine.

Handmade gift ideas can be a fulfilling way to get your holidays off to a fun and festive start. Coming up with the perfect gift for grandpa or a hip gift to make for your favorite teenager can be challenging, yet rewarding. There are plenty of easy Christmas gifts to make that can bring a smile not only to your face, but also to the faces of those you love.

If you're looking to start a family tradition, making Holiday quilts, assembling a festive Christmas table runner, or gathering friends and loved ones to make Christmas quilt blocks (which can be combined into a treasured quilted keepsake) are just a few ideas that are sure to make memories and bring joy to the season.

Whether you're a beginning quilter or enjoy quilting gifts to make that are more challenging, there are an assortment of traditional and contemporary Christmas quilt patterns to stir your imagination and creativity. All you have to do is ask Santa to help you look through the variety of Christmas quilting projects available!

If you're feeling pressed for time, smaller projects like holiday table runners may be the answer! Christmas table runners are not only easy gifts to make; they can brighten up any room or table setting. And if you're looking for creative ideas to keep the little ones busy, you'll discover a myriad of fabric fun for every age amidst all of these wondrous resources.

We've made it easy on you this holiday season with our pick of quick Christmas quilt gifts and best handmade gift ideas ever!

Most Popular Resources for Quilting Gift Ideas

Quilting Arts Gifts 2012/2013 - Digital Edition

Quilting Arts Gifts 2011/2012 - Digital Edition

Quilting Arts Gifts 2010/2011 - Digital Edition

The Best of Quilting Arts: Your Ultimate Resource for Art Quilt Techniques and Inspiration

Quilting Arts Gifts - 2012/2013
This special super-size issue is packed with 30+ holiday quilting ideas and easy Christmas quilt gifts that will meet all of your gift-giving needs!

Quilting Arts Gifts - 2011/2012
Find 20 fabulous ideas for holiday/Christmas art quilts and projects—from quick & easy, to holiday décor, to family recipes—ALL in one big issue!

Quilting Arts Gifts - 2010/2011
Discover 148 pages packed full of exciting seasonal projects, quilting gift ideas, and festive inspiration for handmade gifts and home decor!
The Best of Quilting Arts
Celebrate the first 10 years of Quilting Arts magazine with the ULTIMATE collection of the most preferred articles, art quilting techniques, and holiday quilting patterns.
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Top Quilting Books for Year-Round Giving

I Love Patchwork! 21 Irresistible Zakka Projects to Sew - eBook

Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts - eBook

Fresh Quilting Fearless Color Design and Inspiration

Quilting Line and Color Techniques and Designs for Abstract Quilts

I Love Patchwork!
21 Zakka Projects to Sew
You'll find pages and pages of instruction for quick and fun Zakka projects and holiday quilting ideas using both traditional and modern approaches to patchwork.

Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts
New and seasoned quilters alike will love the step-by-step instructions for creating over 20 exciting contemporary projects and quilted gifts using fun and exciting improvisational techniques.

Fresh Quilting Fearless:
Color Design and Inspiration
If you're a quilter who loves experimenting with bold color palettes, then the 20 fresh and lively projects and quilting designs in this idea-packed paperback are a must-have!
Quilting Line and Color Techniques and Designs for Abstract Quilts
If you'd like to learn how to fuse modern quilting techniques with Japanese design to create amazing Japanese-inspired quilts and quilted gifts, then you'll want to explore the 30+ quilting projects presented by Yoshiko Jinzenji.
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Unique Techniques for Quilting Gifts

Quilting Arts TV Series 900 - 4-disc DVD Set

Free-Form Fabric Art: Cut, Piece, and Create without Rules with Rayna Gillman (Video Download)

Digital Collage for Quilt Design: From Start to Finish (Video Download)

2001-2010 Quilting Arts - CD Collection

Quilting Arts TV Series 900
4-disc DVD

Follow host, Pokey Bolton, and a variety of todays top quilt artists as they take you on a myriad of fun and fabulous quilting adventures

Free-Form Fabric Art: Cut, Piece, and Create without Rules
Revive your creativity with Rayna Gillman's fun and freeing methods of pieced quilt instruction, quilt design, and free-form fabric art techniques.

Digital Collage for Quilt Design: From Start to Finish
From start to finish, you'll learn the ins and outs of digital collage for quilt design and get ideas for quilting Christmas gifts from top quilt designer, Diane Rusin Doran.
2001-2010 Quilting Arts
CD Collection
With the click of a mouse, you can easily navigate this exciting CD collection of 48 issues containing hundreds of amazing quilting projects, Christmas quilting patterns, and creative gift ideas.
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6 Tips to Make Your Gift Making and Giving Easy

1. Keep it simple. Instead of making entirely new projects for every person on your list, consider one design for men, another for women, ect. Try limiting the total number to a handful of patterns. By keeping the variety realistic, you enable yourself to get things done in a timely fashion, and scale back, if necessary.2. Make a list, check it twice. Before you dive into any patterns or projects, take an inventory of what you have in your studio and what you will need to shop for. This keeps your errand running to one big trip, keeping you from having to stop mid-project for an emergency supply run.

3. Make use of stations. If you don't already have a dedicated sewing/quilting area, a separate cutting area, ect., now is the perfect time to set one up (even if it's just a temporary installation). Then, you can do all your cutting, ironing, stitching, and more in one place.

4. Or, create a station for each project. For those projects that involve a lot of hand work or mixed media, you may want to set up an individual station. Keep all your supplies close to the project so they can be easily reached when needed. If the project can be portable, put everything you need into one bin or basket for easy access.

5. Don't clean up. Sounds counterintuitive right? Though you'll want to clean up those brushes or tidy up the space, for the most part you want to wait to clean up until your project is complete. That way, you can dive right back into your frame of mind when you have the time. Close the door to your studio (or temporary studio) if you wish to hid any mess. If a door you do not have, fashion a temporary screen or cover your work-in-progress with a colorful cloth.

6. That's a wrap. Remember those stations? Be sure you set one up for finished projects to await wrapping. Keep all your supplies and package embellishments nearby so when you are ready, your handmade goods get the presentation they deserve.

Check out Studios magazine for even more incredible ideas for functional art and craft spaces!

—Adapted from a blog by Cate Prato on

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