Classic Agate Cuff

Create a timeless design for a fantastic stone.

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Agate has always fascinated me. Ever since fourth grade when I had my first rock collection I’ve been intrigued. The very idea that a slab of rock could allow light to pass through it seemed impossible. It is exactly this translucent quality that makes agate an ideal stone for an open-back bezel. This project will also explore the creation of simple appliques created without a pitch bowl — a process I call “stump repoussé.” - Marc Ramsour
Required Materials: Agate Cabochon, 22-gauge sterling sheet: 1" x 3", 7-gauge triangle sterling wire: 18"; 12-gauge half-round sterling wire:24"; 26-gauge 3/8" fine silver bezel: 3"; 16-gauge square sterling silver wire: 3"

Tools Needed: 

Layout tools: ball point pen, pencil, paper, scissors and rubber cement

Hand tools: chasing hammer; hand shears; 1/4" cold chisel; dap punches # 10 (9.9m), #7 (7.5m), # 4 (5.1m), and #2 (3.5m); tree stump/wood block; jeweler’s saw/blades; 6" ruler scriber; 8" flat file; bench block/pin; flex shaft; oval bracelet mandrel; (med.) round mandrel; hand drill; vise; rawhide (leather) mallet; bezel tool/burnisher

Soldering tools: torch, firebrick, striker, paste flux/brush, quench/pickle pots, copper tongs,shop rag, sheet and/or wire solder in easy,medium, and hard

Finishing tools: liver of sulfur, buffer, 320 (#1) emery paper/lap stick, bobbing compound,Fabulustre®, buffs of choice

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