The Cloth Paper Scissors Book Techniques and Inspiration for Creating Mixed-Media Art

Find out where paint, paper, fabric, metal, and wax all come to play

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Find out where paint, paper, fabric, metal, and wax all come to play

Uncover the very best articles and projects from the first six years of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Barbara Delaney, assistant editor for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, has assembled a gold mine of the top articles, hands-on art pieces, and mixed-media ideas for the first time ever. Explore the exciting worlds of collage, journaling, encaustic, printing, assemblage, metal work, and more. Discover how to make interesting fabric surface designs, keep a uniquely-you sketchbook, and transform a basic photograph into something unexpected. The only rule in this must-have mixed-media resource is that there are no rules.

In addition to projects and techniques, the artists of The Cloth Paper Scissors Book elaborate on their favorite tools and mediums. Choosing and using just the right paint, fabric, paintbrush, glue, paper, wax, found object, and more is made easy for you with this light-hearted guide. The projects inside are suitable for many skill levels, with opportunities for every mixed-media enthusiast to have fun while enhancing their skills and adding a personal touch to their art. If you are new to mixed-media, you will love the accessible and easy-to-learn projects. And if you are already familiar with mixed-media and Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, you will love the convenience of owning so many great articles and art project ideas in one superb collection.

With The Cloth Paper Scissors Book, you'll enjoy the advice and company of the best mixed-media artists in the convenience of your own home.
Table of Contents
Getting Started
  • Toolbox
  • Glossary
  • Printmaking and Surface
  • Design
  • Journals and Bookmaking
  • Collage and Assemblage
  • Mixed-Media Stitching
  • Encaustic, Metal, and Jewelry
  • Get Your Art Out There!
  • Meet the Contributors
  • Resources
  • Index


  • Preview
    About the Author
    Barbara Delaney is the assistant editor of the very popular popular Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and has been with the magazine since its debut. She has an adament love for working in mixed media, growing to adore its many art forms.
    “Go ahead, pick up a copy and stretch your mixed media wings!” –

    “I'm reliving my heyday with these awesome articles from the humble beginnings of Cloth Paper Scissors.  You will love them.   I guarantee that.  If you don't have access to earlier issues of the magazine,  this is a great way to catch up and light a creative fire!” – Kelli Nina Perkins, Blog

    “Those interested in mixed media will love this new book" –

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    Author/Speaker/Editor: Barbara Delaney

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    ISBN 13: 9781596683976

    Customer Reviews

    Worth the wait! Review by Renata

    It took awhile to get here to New Zealand, but it's a great "ideas" book, especially at the sales price, which makes it extremely good value for money even with overseas postage applied. The techniques aren't outdated at all, despite the book being a few years old now. I'm thoroughly enjoying the diversity and wealth of talent this publication brings together. Gotta love Beryl Taylor's work! She's set me off on a whole new course of creativity. Well done, all!

    (Posted on 1/15/14)

    the book is nice but not enough info Review by Nancy

    I am so frustrated I bought this book to learn how to make the art quilt by by beryl taylor ---I am a true beginner and I do not know how to start the project. I went back to the cloth paper and scissors
    article to see if I missed anything but actually the reason I bought the book was to get some more info on the whole thing. Then I see in the magazine you need to buy the DVD to find out how to layer. Well in checking out the DVD on line it appears the particular project I want to make on page 36 might not even be on the DVD. You people assume that anyone doing these projects already know the basics. Guess what we all have to start somewhere and I am at the very bottom trying to claw my way up. I am enjoying the book but not enough info for sure.

    (Posted on 9/29/13)

    The Cloth Paper Scissors Book:Techniques and Inspiration for Creating Mixed-Media Art Review by janice roe

    I really love this book...In fact, I keep it on the kitchen table and thumb through it almost every morning while eating my breakfast. "Inspiration" to the MAX!! I really like the variety of art projects, along their clear instructions and lists of supplies.

    (Posted on 11/11/11)

    Cloth, Paper Scissors Book: Techniques and Inspiration for Creating Mixed-Media Art Review by Jacqueline Newbold

    This colorful, gorgeous book has something for all artists, beginners to advanced. Barbara has assembled (in her own words) "the very best articles and projects from the first six years of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine." I am thrilled to be included with my article, Travel Journals, Maps as a Starting Point. Barbara's writes about finding inspiration and getting over artist's block, speaking to the artist in us all. She has some encouraging ideas on how to get the most out of your creative day. I have already gone to the craft store to pick up some Transparent Liquid Sculpey to make some translucent transfers as explained by D. J. Pettitt. Digging through my studio cupboards I found an old stash of thin metals so that I could try out Beryl Taylor's Metal Magic. This book covers an array of mixed-media ideas in a well organized and informative way. Printing and transfer methods, sketching, journaling, collage and assemblage, and mixed-media hand stitching all come to life packed in this energetic new book. If you can

    (Posted on 11/8/11)