Cloth Paper Scissors, Fall 2006: Digital Edition

A Body of Art by Beryl Taylor (on the cover). Learn to fuse fabrics and fibers for fantastic effects! A Little Pink House of Cards on page 26.
Digital Magazine Single Issue

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I love how our art isn’t limited to handmade books, art quilts, collage pieces, or other finished pieces. Art is a way of life for many of us, and the tiniest effort made to dress something up—however minute—can brighten someone’s day. I think many of us feel the compulsion to decorate almost everything we present to others, and many times we even embellish our clothes, nails, and hair. (Trust me; I’ve seen a lot of pink tresses lately.) We want to express ourselves in every way we can, because art is more than making a collage or creating a fiber piece that we are proud of, it is a reflection of our point of view.

On page 83, you’ll find our latest reader challenge, “Wear Your Art Out” —an opportunity for you to create an ornate, uniquely embellished brooch with three basic designs as part of the pin. I bet you can guess what the designs are: cloth, paper, and scissors. The drawings of these tools (courtesy of beloved artist Violette) were purposefully kept simple so that you can alter and embellish them as we know only you will. We can’t wait to see what you produce!

Until then, yours in creativity,
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Format: Digital Magazine Single Issue