Cloth Paper Scissors, January/February 2014

In this issue focused on mixed-media houses and the concept of home, you’ll find collaged animal images, graffiti doodle houses, ways to re-use past work with digital reproductions, sweet “junk drawer” heart necklaces, houses made of button cards, tips for representational collage, and so much more!

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Cloth Paper Scissors, January/February 2014 Digital Edition
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Cloth Paper Scissors, January/February 2014

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“Welcome to our Home Sweet Home issue. Many, many of the submissions that have come through our inbox lately have celebrated the theme of home, so we decided to celebrate this love of shelter and all that it represents in this volume of Cloth Paper Scissors.” – Jenn Mason, Editorial Director

Welcome the New Year with this Home Sweet Home issue from Cloth Paper Scissors. In its pages you’ll find:

  • Color Collage [Susannah Raine-Haddad] In our cover story, learn about Susannah’s inspiration to make colorful mixed-media animal portraits and learn how to make your own!
  • Graffiti Doodle Houses [Jodi Ohl] Join Jodi in an exploration of collage, acrylic painting, and textural elements to create your own little village, city, or happy mixed-media place.
  • Making Copies [Cathy Bluteau] Cathy says: “I started by making large collage pieces of houses in my journal…and I wanted to find other ways to incorporate them into my art. I’m not really sure what made me decide to resize these large houses into teeny, tiny houses, but that’s just what I did. I resized them on my computer, collaged them onto wood panels, and found I could still keep all the details I loved—only now on a smaller scale.” Learn to make your own digital reproductions to give your work new purpose.
  • Junk Drawer Hearts [Candyce Richards] Home is where the heart is! Take your heart everywhere with these beautiful heart necklaces. Candyce made hers with materials she had on hand—chances are, you’ll already have everything you need to make your necklaces!
  • Button Card Houses [Mandy Russell] These sweet and simple mixed-media house paintings are a great introduction to using acrylic paints! Use button cards—old or new—as the foundation for your houses and let your imagination do the rest!
  • Painting with Paper: Representational Collage [Susan Schenk] Susan says: “Representational collage invites you to see beyond the apparent. From a distance, these collages appear to be paintings, but up close you see a complicated jumble of separate parts. Appealing when viewed from afar, these collages are surprising when inspected more intimately. Using discarded materials as “paint” fosters the idea of finding beauty in the overlooked. Discover line, color, and form hidden in what others toss away.” Learn how to create your own representational collages!

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