Cloth Paper Scissors, March/April 2008: Digital Edition

On the cover: Dream Houses by Judy Coates Perez. In this issue, create 3-D mixed media creations, lyrical digital collages, and discover Etsy.
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Spring can never come soon enough in my book, and it symbolizes many of the obvious things: re-birth, new beginnings, and the planting season, for starters. Wehave a very spring-like feel on our cover, courtesy of artist Judy Coates Perez whoshares with us the first of a two-part article on making dream houses withcreature motifs that splash with color (page 24).

Spring can also mean adopting a fresh perspective, and as we shed our woolen winter wear, let Kelly Rae Roberts show you how to don a new outlook on lifewith her tips for creating mixed-media affirmations (page 76). Spring oftenrepresents the start of the grilling season and neighborhood parties, too, andwhat better way to celebrate your community than by creating your own uniqueneighborhood pop-up shrine (page 18)?

Or perhaps you are of the organizing sort, and when you hear the word spring,the concept of spring cleaning comes to mind. If that’s the case and you stumbleacross some artwork you’ve created that you want to sell, why not considersetting up an Internet storefront (page 72)?

Whatever spring means to you, let’s gather our sketchbooks and mixed-media supplies, step outside, and leap into it!
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Format: Digital Magazine Single Issue