Cloth Paper Scissors September/October 2014

Jump into Dia de los Muertos with the Cloth Paper Scissors September/October 2014 issue featuring Day of the Dead projects! Find inspiration for collage, mixed-media jewelry, book page portraits, stuffed dolls, and so much more.

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Cloth Paper Scissors September/October 2014
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Order or download your copy of the Cloth Paper Scissors September/October 2014 issue to spark your creativity going into a new season!

In this new issue, you'll explore a variety of Dia de Los Muertos projects and inspired works, including the results from the Day of the Dead reader challenge! You'll also find new collage inspiration, instruction for creating mixed-media jewelry, and so much more.

In this issue:

  • Creating a Steampunk Collage
    Roberta Collier-Morales
    Follow along with step-by-step steampunk collage instruction to create your own work!
    "Steampunk is all about recycling and combining the old with the new. Using brown paper bags stained with paint and shoe polish offers a rich palette of colors and textural effects that are perfect for the antique, Victorian essence needed to achieve an authentic Steampunk look for collage. Why buy new paper when you can repurpose sturdy brown bags from the grocery store?"
  • Collage Drawings
    Len Davis
    Learn how to repurpose old book pages to create intriguing portrait art.
    "I stumbled upon the idea for these collages by chance. I was riding my bicycle one afternoon when a frayed and discolored paperback novel lying in the street caught my eye...once I came up with the idea for using this book, I acted on it quickly and created a series titled “A Thousand Words.” This series features one hundred 8" x 5" collage drawings of people’s faces, illustrating that a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Through trial and error, I came up with a process for creating these collage drawings."
  • An Easier Way to Make a Nicho: Embossed Shadow Boxes
    Deedee Hampton
    Follow the author's simple steps for using aluminum sheeting to create colorful and festive shadow boxes without the hassle of complicated embossing!
    "While living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I fell in love with Spanish colonial tin nichos—three-dimensional shadow boxes, traditionally used to house a patron saint or pictures of loved ones for a Day of the Dead altar."
  • Day of the Dead Necklace
    Karen McGovern
    Create mixed-media jewelry with this fun necklace tutorial.
    "I am fascinated with folklore and cultural history. One of my favorite cultural holidays is Día de los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead. Sugar skulls feature heavily in this holiday—fanciful and elaborately decorated skulls adorned with flowers, paints, gemstones, and more. This necklace is my interpretation of a sugar skull, rendered in a mix of wonderful metals and embellishments."
  • Festive, Funky Art Dolls
    Denise White
    Create fun, plush mixed-media art dolls with instruction from Denise White!
    "The best way to learn doll making is to just jump in and start. I don’t always know how my dolls are going to turn out, but I start by drawing what I think I want the doll to look like. [Discover my] guidelines for making a basic doll. Be sure to add your own touches and make it yours."
  • Totem of Life
    Helen Shafer Garcia, Jane LaFazio, Lynn Leahy, and Laurie Mika
    Discover a mixed-media art totem featuring works from your favorite artists and instructors! Learn the story of the four artists who held an art workshop in San Miguel.
    "About a dozen years ago, artists Helen Shafer Garcia, Jane LaFazio, and Laurie Mika took a cultural trip together to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. They had an incredible time and realized then that they all shared a love of Mexican culture and especially of Mexican folk art."
  • Results from our Mixed-Media Skull Challenge
    Take a look at your fellow Cloth Paper Scissors' reader's submissions and be inspired to create you own!
    "We invited readers to be a part of our Día de los Muertos celebration by creating a mixed-media skull. We were surprised and thrilled by the more than 200 entries we received, and are very happy to share some of the colorful and creative calaveras with you here."

This issue includes these features and so many more! Get your copy today to discover endless mixed-media inspiration.

A Word From the Editor:

Fall is the official kickoff of the holiday season, a time I look forward to every year. One holiday I came to appreciate while living in Southern California was Día de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. The day celebrates, with prayers and remembrances, friends and family members who have passed away, and beautiful shrines are decorated in their honor.

When we devised a reader challenge to create mixed-media artwork with a Day of the Dead theme, it seemed many of you felt a kinship with the holiday, too. It was tough narrowing down the array of submissions that included incredible examples of felting, metalwork, collage, quilling, and assemblage. Make sure to see the results of this challenge—you’ll be amazed as well.
Warmly, Jeannine Stein Senior Editor