15+ Ways to Alter Metal Surfaces: Cold Enameling, Resin, Powders, Pastels & More! with Susan Lenart Kazmer

Learn how to make metal jewelry with dynamic color! Join Susan Lenart Kazmer and discover 15 ways to add vibrant and unique colors with enamel, oil pastels, resin, and more.

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15+ Ways to Alter Metal Surfaces
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Make a mark on your metal!

Dip, dap, heat, and repeat for one-of-a-kind metal jewelry.

Join acclaimed jewelry artist, teacher, and author Susan Lenart Kazmer for 15 Ways to Alter Metal Surfaces a DVD workshop dedicated to adding color to your metal jewelry! Learn 15 techniques for layering color, found objects, and metal together for beautiful jewelry designs.

Dive into the one-of-a-kind techniques with Susan as your guide. Explore coloring on metal using nail polish and paint, oil pastels, cold enamel, resin, and more! Start the right way with Susan’s tips for preparing your metal, and locking in the color with tricks for making it permanent.

Once you learn the skills, learn to put them all together with Susan’s tips for mixing color to create unique jewelry designs. Dap metal to create pendants and rings, rivet together layers for colorful pendants, and much more!

Order this workshop DVD today to:

  • Learn 15 ways to alter metal jewelry with color and dynamic texture!
  • Explore different ways to create color, including layering glitter onto resin, using cold enamel, adding inks and dies, and much more.
  • Start the right way with tips for correctly preparing your metal to accept color.
  • Lock in the color – discover ways to permanently seal in the color including using resin, or applying heat.
  • And much, much more!

Don’t be left out! Discover these techniques to add vibrant colors to your metal jewelry for depth and dimension. Go beyond patina, and explore these ways to boost your jewelry designs and take them to the next level!

About the Author
Susan Lenart Kazmer is an internationally-recognized mixed-media jewlery artist, silversmith and teacher. She’s developed many “cold-join” techniques over the years to transform found objects into Talisman works of fine art.


Author/Speaker/Editor: Susan Lenart Kazmer

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Runtime: 90 Minutes

Customer Reviews

A+ loved it Review by sandy

I have taken several classes from SKL and this, by far, was my favorite. A must for any mixed media artist. Although I miss her wonderful smile in person and her laughter at my antics, It was great to be able to have an uninterrupted "private" session. The techniques in this DVD will be a stellar jumping off point for endless projects. I have been a mixed media/jewelry artist for over 20 years and I still found helpful tips to add to my bag of tricks. Clear instructions will be helpful for beginners as well.
My only regretted is that I have watched it just before bed, and now I am unable to sleep! Im counting art projects and patinas instead of sheep! Thank you Susan for sharing yourself with us. It was fantastic

(Posted on 8/15/13)