Collage Crafts Gone Wild

Enjoy 24 step-by-step demonstrations of a variety of collage projects. Through these projects you'll learn an array of collage and mixed-media techniques, and get to use a range of materials and mediums.

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Collage Crafts Gone Wild

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Collage Crafts Gone Wild eBook

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You’ll love this collage book if:

  • You want a multitude of collage projects to choose from, and at various difficulty levels
  • You like to experiment with myriad materials and objects in your mixed-media art projects
  • You learn mixed-media techniques best through actually applying them

Collage Crafts Gone Wild is a compendium of collage ideas, techniques, and projects, providing inspiration to those looking to learn layer by layer. You’ll get to experiment with a variety of materials as you make your way through the chapters, gathering collage tips and techniques along the way. The first chapter encompasses a range of paper collage projects, from creating a graffiti wall to playing with butcher paper. Chapter Two incorporates an element of mixed media, covering projects that use molding paste, faux sheet metal, and more. You’ll get to feel the texture of fabric in your collage with the projects introduced in Chapter Three, from a vision statement banner to a large tote bag. If you’re looking for advanced and unique projects, Chapter Four is for you, demonstrating projects utilizing mixed-media jewelry techniques, stitch, and more.

Whether you’re a traditionalist who sticks to paper in collage, or someone who wants to branch out and use other materials, you’re sure to find plenty of projects that inspire you to keep crafting. Don’t hesitate to keep calm and layer on!

In Collage Crafts Gone Wild you’ll find:

  • 24 step-by-step collage projects
  • Demonstrations contributed by 13 different authors, including Traci Bautista and Kelly Rae Roberts
  • A range of collage materials used, from foil and plaster, to leather and stamps

A word from the editor: “With collage, you can tell a story. You can immortalize a place or a moment in time. You can remember a loved one. Your work can be literal or figurative. You can find inspiration or you can inspire. It’s up to you. It’s all up to you.” —Kristy Conlin


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Author/Speaker/Editor: Kristy Conlin