Collage in the Round: Building wire and rice-paper sculptures Download in HD

Infuse your 3D wire art and rice paper pieces with meaning and memory in Jenny Cochran Lee's mixed-media workshop!
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Use inexpensive wire, simple tools and rice paper to create intricate 3D wire structures that speak to and about you! With Jenny Cochran Lee's fun and gentle instruction, you'll feel like you're working with an old friend with new ideas about wire and paper crafts. Follow along and learn from her approachable take on how to create paper fabric and work with wireto create dimensional sculptures.

Explore this innovative workshop and discover . . .

  • How to create paper fabric that you can craft with paints, stamps, ink, old journal entries, and more to infuse your pieces with memories and add a personal element to your work
  • The ins-and-outs of building a wire structure using Jenny's "Three S' approach and her simple "hook and pinch" technique to connect wire.
  • Secrets to creating a "lining" for your structure with paper fabric sew paper to attach your pieces. (Sewing beginners welcome!)
  • A range of approaches to wire sculpture- from free form and abstract wire structures to familiar shapes, including a bra sculpture!

Jenny encourages her viewers to use their imaginations to create in new and exciting ways, using the simple and approachable techniques in this wire workshop. Send a message through your artwork with the help of an endearing and knowledgeable instructor.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Jenny Cochran Lee

Format: High Definition Video Download

Customer Reviews

Great! Review by Peggy

I thought this video was everything I hoped for. Great instructions with some examples of different possible designs. Of course you use cheap wire. Why would you want to use expensive wire that you are just going to cover up with beautiful paper? Lots of possibilities for your own designs.

(Posted on 5/29/14)

Oh Boy! Review by Stephanie

Not what I expected at all. Very disappointed. If you want to learn how to bend cheap wire and stuff paper into your poor wire creation, then this is for you. Otherwise, pass this one by.

(Posted on 4/5/14)