Art Lessons, Vol. 3: Collage Your Story, Layer Exploration

Tell your personal story in lovely layers with Cloth Paper Scissors fan-favorite Kristen Robinson’s insightful and instructive Art Lesson! Let your layers speak for themselves in this third entry into the smash Art Lessons series.
Art Lesson

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Make your collages pretty and personal with expert insight from artist and author Kristen Robinson. Dive beneath the surface of your collage and paper art by incorporating found items, journal entries, and images to add elements to the story you want to tell.

Download this must-have lesson now to:

  • Mastermind engaging and personal collage elements that will tell your story with insight from a brilliant artist
  • Enjoy handy insider tips from Kristen throughout your mixed-media art project that will add an extra level of insight to your piece
  • Feast your eyes on gorgeous images with instructions that help walk you through the project
  • Get your hands dirty as you learn Kristen’s painting techniques step-by-step through an interactive video.
  • Discover the possibilities of watercolor crayons, and how Kristen uses mark making to create highlights and add texture.

Add that extra personal element to your collage that will tell a story for years to come.

Download Kristen Robinson’s new essential resource now!

Plus! Stay tuned for a new Art Lesson each month that will give you the most innovative mixed-media art techniques to keep improving your artwork.

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SKU: EP7106

Author/Speaker/Editor: Kristen Robinson

Format: Art Lesson

ISBN 13: 9781620334409

Customer Reviews

An overview - lesson vs. an article Review by M.R.BelleWA

I ordered two of these Art Lessons and was generally pleased with them, although I had problems getting the video content to play. There is a saying in book publishing, "Sounds like an article, not a book," and that summarizes these "lessons." I'm not sure that the content/price are consistent with a title of "lesson," as it seemed as if I paid $1.99 for a slightly expanded multi-media article, versus the price for complete e-magazines and/or vast free content on YouTube. That being said, the production, design and content were excellent and, while perhaps the format itself limits the ability to present a true "lesson," it was worth a try. I'm sure I'll re-visit them in the future.

(Posted on 6/13/13)