Color-Aid Paper Full Set (4.5 x 6 Inch)

Get the Color-Aid colored paper set of 314 colors as seen in the Knitter's Guide to Color DVD.

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Get the color reference cards that knitwear designer and color innovator Laura Bryant uses!

Color-Aid Paper is the perfect tool for fiber enthusiasts and crafters alike. With the wide range of colors offered in these small paper cards crafters are able to not only gain color inspiration for their next project, but easily tote the cards around with any of your projects. These cards are great for coordinating color within any knit or crochet project. Mix, match and make the perfect colorwork piece with the Color-Aid system of colored paper. 

The Full Set contains the complete range of 314 matt-finished colors. The system consists of 34 vivid hues (saturated colors), 100 tints (clean, light colors), 47 shades (dark, deep colors), 114 pastels (muted, or soft colors) and 17 grays from dark to light, plus black and white.


Format: Merchandise


Format: Merchandise

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