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ColorKnits Fall 2012 eMag for iPad

Take your color knitting further with the ColorKnits eMag featuring Alice Starmore, tips for reversible lace knitting, intarsia techniques, and more.

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The ColorKnits eMag is now available for your desktop!

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Knit the Sea Ranch Beret, designed by the esteemed
artist and designer Alice Starmore.


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Featuring the beloved knitwear designer Alice Starmore, the newest ColorKnits eMag is available for your PC or MAC desktop computer.




ColorKnits has it all! Discover color and decide on the perfect palette for your project. Travel to Swans Island Yarns to see their traditional natural dyeing practices. Learn to work intarsia seamlessly, knit reversible lace, and even hear a chat with Alice Starmore about her colorful visions when designing knitwear.




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Using a color wheel is one method of knitting
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encourages you to lose your color inhibitions!


ColorKnits includes 5 colorful knitting projects for all skill levels that use a variety of knitting techniques:

  • The Complementary Cowl by Ann Weaver uses colorblocking, a stylish trend for this season.
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  • Michele Rose Orne's Logwood Pullover is a classic striped sweater that highlights colorful yarn.

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Jump on the colorblocking trend with Ann Weaver's Complementary Cowl.
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  • The Maarika Bag (seen on the cover) designed by Lucinda Gay is an intarsia tote inspired by folk textiles.
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  • A beret that captures memories, Alice Starmore's Sea Ranch Beret is a tribute to colors seen in nature.
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  • Heather Zoppetti's lace and stockinette stitch Relievo Scarf is a feminine beauty knit in bas relief.
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Plus, you'll also find inspiration with simple colorwork tools and an expansive review of Shetland yarns that come in a rainbow of colors. Also, have some fun with color with a sneak peek at yarn companies' creative and quirky shade cards.

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ColorKnits eMag is now available for your PC or Mac desktop. Download it today for your colorwork knitting!  

Also available: Do you have an iPad?
Check out the Apple Store to download this ColorKnits eMag app for more colorful knitting.






Format: eMag

Table of Contents

Q: How is ColorKnits different than the digital edition of Interweave Knits Magazine?
ColorKnits and other Interweave eMags are an entirely unique product, separate from Interweave Knits and Knitscene magazines. Unlike digital editions of magazines, which are exact replications of the print editions, ColorKnits was developed as a digital product so it can capitalize on all the benefits of digital media capabilities—including videos, slideshows, zoom options that enable you to see close-ups of knitted swatches, patterns that can be downloaded and printed, abilities to hyperlink to websites, and more.

Q: Will ColorKnits be available as a print magazine?
 ColorKnits was built as a digital product, therefore it will not be printed as a traditional magazine.

Q: Will ColorKnits be available for the Kindle, Nook, or Android?
 No, ColorKnits is not available for any other tablets besides the iPad at this time.    


Format: eMag