Color Works The Crafter's Guide to Color

This is the first book to bring the principles of color theory to a practical level and apply them to knitting, spinning, weaving, surface design, embroidery, beadwork, quilting, and paper collage.

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We all love color-its boundless array of hues dazzles our eyes, expresses our moods, and enriches our very lives. Thanks to Deb Menz, master teacher and author of the highly respected book Color in Spinning (Interweave Press, 1998), you can now explore colors with confidence in whatever craft medium you call your favorite. This is the first book to bring the principles of color theory down to a practical level and apply them to knitting, spinning, weaving, surface design (including stenciling and rubber stamping), hand- and machine-embroidery, beadwork, quilting, and paper collage. Basic color concepts are presented in sections on color description, values, contrasting and complementary colors, warm and cool colors, undertones, using color relationships, and much more. But the real treat is seeing a dynamic palette of color harmonies worked up in each medium! This approach is invaluable for mixed-media artists or those who simply dabble in more than one craft. Also included is a pull-out color wheel and a very handy section of hue cards in perforated format that are easy to remove and use for planning, matching, and shopping for supplies. If understanding color is the bridge to creative expression, how did we ever live without this book?

Reviews: "A great guide to the craft. The author's playful approach helps one to build confidence in applying color principles."-Weavers Guild of Miami
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introductions
  • Describing Color: Hue Family, Value, Saturation
  • Basic Color Relationships: Learning Your Way Around the Color Wheel, Complex Colors, Warm and Cool COlors, Undertones, Undertones with Neutrals, Analogous Colors, Complementary Colors
  • Understanding Value: Major Keys, Minor Keys
  • Color Contrasts: Simultaneous Contrast, Contrast of Saturation, Contrast with Neutrals, Contrast of Proportions
  • Color Harmonies: Split Complementary Harmony, Double Split Complementary Harmony, Triad Harmony, Double Triad Harmony, Tertrad Harmony, Square Tetrad Harmony, Hexad Harmony
  • Characteristics of Media: Spinning Fibers, Knitting Yarns, Weaving Yarns, Fabrics and Threads for Hand Embroidery, Beads for Embroidery, Fabrics for Surface Design, Fabrics and Threads for Machine Embroidery, Farbcis for Quilting, Papers for Collage
  • Choosing Colors and Designs: Spinning, Knitting, Weaving, Hand Embroidery, Bead Embroidery, Surface Design, Machine Embroidery, Quilting, Paper Colalge
  • Suppliers
  • About the Fibers Square
  • Index
  • Using the Color Tools: Color Wheel, Value Scale, Hue Family Colors, Color Harmony Overlays
About the Author

Deb Menz is an accomplished artisan, teacher, and author. After graduating from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, she became intrigued and obsessed with color and fiber and chose to make the textile arts her profession. Her first book, Color in Spinning (Interweave Press, 1998), became a classic. She lives in Middleton, Wisconsin, with her husband and two teenage children.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Deb Menz

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781931499477

Number Of Pages: 152

Customer Reviews

The best book on color you'll ever find. Review by Jan

I base my summary on 40 years of experience, including a degree in fine arts. So many books on color that I've read are either too detailed or they don't have enough information for most artists. This one is so good that after I read my ebook I bought a hardbound copy.
Deb Menz has not only thoroughly explained color theory, but she has also included wonderful examples to visually explain how color works.
Beginner or expert, this one is a must have.

(Posted on 7/26/13)