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Colorways, Summer 2011 eMag for PC and Mac

Take a visual and interactive journey filled with colorful adventures to enhance your work with Colorways eMag.

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There is a sense of magic and wonder in color—finding crimson in a drab insect, pairing two unexpected colors for a stunning result, growing cotton in green instead of the expected white, turning an ugly piece beautiful with a single dip in the dyebath. But, as crafters and fiber artists all know, working with color can be intimidating and frustrating. Colorways gives you the tools to experiment with, practice, and ultimately master using color in your work.

Combining the excitement of discovery with the satisfaction of practice, Colorways lets you:

  • Learn new skills for dyeing and applying color
  • Explore ethnic color traditions from around the world
  • Meet extraordinary teachers and fiber artists

From natural plant dyes of the Mexican highlands, to sun prints using persimmon juice from Japan, to the natural colors available in cotton; the articles, videos, and photographs in Colorways present a breathtaking spectrum to use in fiber, yarn, and cloth.

Color has rich historical roots, and Colorways explores the techniques and traditions used around the world while showing you how to try these traditions for yourself through:

  • 3 step-by-step dyeing tutorials (as PDF downloads)
  • 13 videos
  • 7 slide shows
  • 10 interactive in-depth articles

From choosing colored fiber through adding color to finished cloth, this eMag will help you gain the confidence to experiment with all forms of color in textiles!

Explore the world of color in textiles and learn new ways of adding color to your own work.


Format: eMag


Format: eMag