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Colorways, Spring 2012 eMag for PC and Mac

Colorways Spring 2012 looks at natural dyes, resist dyeing, and other techniques to bring color into your crafts.

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From natural pigments to synthetic dyes, Colorways invites you to explore a wide range of possibilities for working with color and cloth. This interactive eMag gives you the tools to experiment with, practice, and ultimately master using color in your work. From unspun fiber to yarn to finished cloth, color touches every fiber medium and inspires every crafter. Colorways teaches fiber artists of every stripe to produce beautiful, inspiring, and successful color within any piece.

Combining the excitement of discovery with the satisfaction of practice, Colorways lets you:

  • Learn new skills for choosing and applying color
  • Explore ethnic color traditions from around the world
  • Meet extraordinary teachers and fiber artists

The latest issue of Colorways explores several cultural traditions of color, the mechanics of resist dyeing, the lives of individuals dedicated to color, and the art of coaxing color from the earth.

Discover the rich hues that can be created by Purpura pansa, a shellfish dye found in southern Mexico. Travel to the Peruvian Amazon where the local people create intricate designs with nothing but natural dyes.

The beauty and possibilities of resist dyeing are endless. Join Malka Dubrawsky as she demonstrates her signature technique of resist dyeing, based on the Japanese are of itajime. Learn how Guatemalan weavers use a simple but ingenious method of resist dyeing to weave complex designs with the simplest looms.

Meet two extraordinary and colorful women: Teacher Nell Znamierowski describes how her approaches to color have led to careers as a developer of dye palettes, color consultant for Tahki Yarns, and professor at the Fashion Institue of Technology. Olga Reiche shares her passion for preserving the natural dye techniques of Guatemala through her work with small groups of indigenous weavers.

The natural world offers an abundance of sources for dyes. Discover the amazing textile art that John Marshall creates with pigment dyes and learn to create amazing bingata dyes for yourself. Learn how Carol Lee gathers and processes wild mushrooms to create a surprising variety of natural dyes.

Colorways provides techniques, tools, and insights into the magical world of color. Its approach is both global and practical. It offers traditional as well contemporary techniques from around the world that you can experience through:

  • Step-by-step dyeing tutorials
  • Entertaining and interactive videos
  • Breathtaking slide shows
  • In-depth and informative articles


Format: eMag


Format: eMag