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Colorways, Fall 2011 eMag for iPad

Colorways Fall 2011 focuses on the use and dyes of indigo. Whether you spin, weave, knit, crochet, or are any sort of fiber artist, you will love the colors that this eMag explores.

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Color has a fascinating and resonant allure that captivates craftspeople in every textile medium. Producing beautiful, inspiring, and successful color within any piece requires training and resources, and many fiber artists wish for more experience and confidence in their color choices. Colorways, the interactive eMag, gives you the tools to experiment with, practice, and ultimately master using color in your work.

Combing the excitement of discovery with the satisfaction of practice, Colorways lets you:

  • Learn new skills for dyeing and applying color,
  • Explore ethnic color traditions from around the world,
  • Meet extraordinary teachers and fiber artists.

The latest issue of Colorways offers an extensive exploration of the ancient and universal use of indigo, the only reliable natural blue dye. It includes a video of indigo dyeing in China, an in-depth story on the Japanese method of producing blues, and a world map showing the many cultures, traditions, and plant species involved with this tradition.

There is more fun to be found in this issue of Colorways. Get a fun and wide-ranging look at all the colors that can be derived from grocery-store produce and spices (and fits within anyone’s budget). Discover the mysterious colors that can be produced from forest lichens. Find a video tutorial on blending a rainbow from dyed fiber. Learn to overdye an unloved project for a beautiful result. Plus, an interactive color planning tool based on the classic color wheel will have you creating and using color like a professional in no time.

Colorways provides techniques, tools, and insights into the magical world of color. Its approach is both global and practical. It offers traditional as well contemporary techniques from around the world that you can experience through:

  • 3 step-by-step dyeing tutorials, plus 1 knitting pattern (all as downloadable PDFs),
  • 6 videos,
  • 7 slide shows,
  • 10 in-depth articles.


Format: eMag

1. So what is Colorways?
Colorways is a dynamic digital product called an eMag that you can download onto your computer and enjoy on or offline. It requires a simple software application called Adobe® Air® that's easy to use and is installed on your computer automatically the first time you install an Interweave eMag.
Colorways includes articles, videos, gallery slideshows, hyperlinks to inspiring and informative websites, and so much more. With just the click of your mouse, you can watch video interviews and tutorials, view slideshows that let you zoom in to see more, and navigate easily around the eMag.
2. What is the editorial focus of Colorways?
Colorways gives you the tools to experiment with, practice, and ultimately master using color in your work. Combining the excitement of discovery with the satisfaction of practice, Colorways lets you:
  • Learn new skills for dyeing and applying color
  • Explore ethnic color traditions from around the world
  • Meet extraordinary teachers and fiber artists

From the natural indigo dyes of various plants around the world to indigo dyeing proccess used in China, and creating color concoctions in your kitchen, the articles, videos, and photographs in Colorways present a breathtaking spectrum of color to use in fiber, yarn, and cloth.

  • 3 step-by-step dyeing tutorials and 1 knitting pattern (as PDF downloads)
  • 10 videos 
  • 7 slide shows
  • 10 interactive in-depth articles

Explore the world of color in textiles and learn new ways of adding color to your own work.

3. How is it different from the digital editions of Handwoven Magazine® or Spin-Off Magazine®?
Colorways is an entirely unique product, separate from our print magazines. Unlike the digital editions of Handwoven® or  Spin-Off®, which are exact digital replications of the print editions, Colorways was developed to provide a multi-media experience, a digital environment that lets you see color artists in action, fibers at the source, and all the fine details of fiber arts. It includes videos, slideshows with zoom options that let you zero in on interesting details, color recipes that can be downloaded and printed, links to useful information and products, and other interactive features.
4. Will Colorways be available as a print magazine?
Because this was built as a digital product, it will not be printed as a traditional magazine; however, you can certainly print each of the pages. In fact, we hope you will! For instance, you'll want to print the materials lists and color recipes to stick in your bag the next time you go to your local fiber store.
5. Will the availability of Colorways mean that Handwoven Magazine® or Spin-Off Magazine® will stop printing?
Absolutely not! Colorways is an entirely separate product, produced in addition to the Spin-Off® and Handwoven® publications.
6. Does the Colorways eMag require a subscription?
No. Colorways is a stand-alone product similar to Interweave special print issues. Anyone can purchase it without a subscription of any kind.


Format: eMag