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Conducting a Knitting Class On Demand Web Seminar

Join Lorilee Beltman on this webinar designed to prepare instructors for a empowering knitting class.
On-Demand Web Seminar

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Conducting a Knitting Class:
Preparing and Presenting a Class that will Empower Your Students

webinar with Lorilee Beltman

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Join Lorilee Beltman for this Downloadable webinar


Knitting instructors have the responsibility and pleasure of sharing their knowledge with a classroom of eager learners. It’s a happy place to be as long as the instructor is prepared and can convey techniques with patience and kindness. They want their students to have the best experience they can deliver.


Using her experiences as a yarn shop owner and a teacher at national events, Lorilee Beltman shares the tips she’s learned to conduct a successful class. She will be using one of her actual classes as an example and take you through the process—start to finish. She’ll be using real class descriptions, handouts, and photos of knitted samples, classroom set up (including her live camera teaching tool), and student work.


Since Sock Summit in 2009 Lorilee has been teaching at national events such as Interweave Knitting Lab, Stitches, and Vogue Knitting LIVE. For her a classroom of curious knitters is a most happy place. She has learned a lot, usually the hard way, and is eager to share.

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This webinar will cover basics and beyond of Conducting a Knitting Class:

  • Getting the job. Some tips to help you get hired
  • Sending important information to the organizer. Providing accurate information for the organizer to use to promote your class.
  • Pre-Class Preparation. Focusing on information to be taught and making teaching aides including handouts and samples.
  • Practicing. How to get the timing right and make adjustments to the material before going “live”
  • Packing. What you take with you to class
  • Setting up the classroom. Arriving early and setting up the room, checking the space for flow
  • Setting the tone. Designating your classroom as a safe and exciting place to learn
  • Covering the material. Teaching what the students are there to learn
  • Teaching tools. What techniques should you use to convey information
  • Trouble-shooting. Handling “problem children” and your own mistakes as well
  • Improving your performance with class evaluations. Using student comments as they were intended- to make your efforts more effective
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Who should attend this webinar:  

  • Newly-hired craft instructors who are just getting started
  • Knitters without teaching experience who want to know how to sell themselves as an instructor
  • Retail shop employees who are called on to teach, whether in brief impromptu sessions or for longer class sessions
  • Retail shop owners who hire teachers to serve their community
  • Expert knitters who have a hard time organizing information when called upon to teach
  • Knitwear designers who, because of their strong designs, have been hired to teach but may not know what is expected of them in the classroom
  • Experienced knitting instructors whose evaluations show trouble spots in areas such as timing the class well or conveying information clearly in a handout
  • Students who are nervous about attending their first class, so they may be prepared and know what to expect

Although the webinar focuses on knitting, techniques taught can be applied to a broad range of crafting topics.

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About Lorilee Beltman:

This former yarn shop owner's experience providing answers for a steady stream of questioning knitters taught her the value of delivering an honest answer with kindness. Lorilee's continental knitting video has nearly a million views on Youtube. While she enjoys teaching continental to those who want to learn it, she appreciates all knitting styles. She urges her students to try projects that introduce new techniques. Since 2009, she has enjoyed her students at national events and looks forward to meeting you in class!

Her articles or designs have been published in The Ultimate Hat Book (Vogue/Soho Publishing), Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club, Interweave Knits Magazine, Interweave Sockupied eMag, Twist Collective, and Beyond Toes by Judy Becker. She is a Craft Yarn Council certified knitting instructor, a TNNA designer/teacher member, and a member of Cat Bordhi's Visionary Authors group.

Tent-camping with her husband and boys has brought her to over twenty National and Provincial Parks. She grew up in Pittsburgh, spent thirty years in west Michigan, and now calls Seattle home.


SKU: EP8594

Author/Speaker/Editor: Lorilee Beltman

File Type: MP4

Format: On-Demand Web Seminar

SKU: EP8594

Author/Speaker/Editor: Lorilee Beltman

File Type: MP4

Format: On-Demand Web Seminar