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Continental Knitting

Knit more comfortably and quickly than you ever thought possible in this knitting workshop.

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Continental Knitting Video Download
Continental Knitting

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Continental Knit DVD
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The Continental method of knitting can be not only quicker, but also easier on your wrists and arms. Whether you’re a beginning knitter or an English-style knitter looking to add a new skill to your repertoire, learning to knit the Continental way can open up a whole new knitting world.


Join Biggan Ryd-Dups on this 78-minute knitting workshop to learn how to knit, purl, cast on, bind off, and so much more!

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With decades of experience as a knitting instructor, Biggan Ryd-Dups has transformed people who found knitting impossible into dedicated Continental-style knitters.

With a clear and reassuring style, Biggan walks you through the fundamentals of Continental knitting, including:
  • Knitting and purling
  • Casting on and binding off
  • Creating stripes
  • Working with texture such as garter stitch, ribbing, and seed stitch
  • Weaving in ends for a polished finish

Knit more comfortably and quickly than you ever thought possible with Continental Knitting!

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Plus, this knitting workshop is available to you as a DVD or video download. Grab your copy today!
Continental Knit DVD
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About Biggan Ryd-Dups:

Biggan Ryd-Dups is a Swedish knitwear designer and instructor living in Australia. Her company, Biggan Designs, produces quality Australian merino yarn in a huge color range. She has taught knitting throughout the world, and she loves to design colorful, easy-to-knit fashions.



Author/Speaker/Editor: Biggan Ryd-Dups

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ISBN 13: 9781620337424

Customer Reviews

Great Video but DOWNLOAD ONLY plays on your pc/laptop Review by Norma

The crochet video I purchased before with Cristin Omdal I was able to put on a dvd and use either on pc or dvd player. This thing only works on a pc. You should tell people that's all they get .

Otherwise, I would have at least given a 4 .

(Posted on 3/28/14)

Not what I expected Review by Mark

I'm a reasonably new knitter, whilst I'm comfortable with throwing, the continental style has felt very awkward to me every time I attempt it.

The style was nice and felt very comfortable. However I found it quite difficult to follow. Maybe I'm too new to knitting, or I'm expecting too much, but I found it fairly confusing. The camera angles weren't always great for seeing the detail so the instructions and visuals didn't always seem to match up. I found myself holding the yarn and needles in the same way described, yet the movement looks nothing like the video.

Again, maybe I was expecting too much, but for a workshop to teach continental style knitting, I did expect more time spent to continental knitting. The run time is 1 hour 17 minutes, but the basic continental tutorial is only about 24 minutes and a chunk of that was casting on. After that it moves to stripes, picking up dropped stitches, increases, decreases etc none of which were specific to continental knitting.

Even while watching the video I ended up referring to Youtube videos to try and clarify what I should be doing, which does defeat the point of a workshop video.

(Posted on 3/21/14)

After 40+ years knitting English style I am now a Continental devotee. Review by Fiona

Having tried and abandoned Continental style knitting several times before because of the awkwardness of the purl stitch, I only bought this tutorial because it was on special and I wanted to give the method one last try. Biggan demonstrates her easy and quick method of creating a purl stitch which is done without moving the left forefinger at all. Seed stitch and ribbing are so quick and easy to do now. Having knitted English style for over 40 years it does take some getting used to, but after just a week it is already starting to feel familiar and it's getting quicker by the day. I I won't be returning to the English method.

(Posted on 3/12/14)