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Continental Stranded Colorwork

Download this 41-minute video on stranded colorwork knitting, in the continental style.
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continental colorwork

Learn how to knit stranded colorwork with great speed:

Download this video from Biggan Ryd-Dups.


Knit colorwork smoothly and swiftly with this 41-minute Continental Stranded Knitting vignette. 


Managing two (or more) yarns for Fair Isle and other colorwork applications can be slow and result in lumpy, uneven fabric. Expert knitter and designer Biggan Ryd-Dups shows you how to manage all your yarns effortlessly, in the style of continental knitting.


SKU: EP8749

Author/Speaker/Editor: Biggan Ryd-Dups

File Type: MP4

Format: High Definition Video Download

ISBN 13: 9781620338476

Customer Reviews

Awful Waste Review by Nikki

What a useless "course!" I'm sorry to have spent the money and the time. I knit colorwork patterns all the time with two and hands and was eager to see if a different methodology provided any added value. The emphasis should have been on how to hold the yarn and the pick up to either knit or invisibly catch the yarn in the back of the work.. But no, it was all about making extremely simple (and in my mind silly) patterns that don't test the technique at all.

Ryh-Dup's principal suitability for the job at hand seems to be that she is Swedish. Before this course, I would not have presumed that nationality makes either a teacher or a knitter. Now I am positive.

(Posted on 7/1/14)

A Job Well Done Review by Shirley

Stranded color work is fascinating to look at and, I felt, well worth doing. As a self-taught knitter, I wasn't sure what the most effective way of doing it would be, so I was glad to find this video. Biggan explains and demonstrates very clearly and I was glad to see that she does something else I like to do-- use her own imagination and ideas on the designs she knits. Her technique simplifies other methods I've looked at and I feel ready to make one of the beautiful designs I've always wanted to make.

(Posted on 6/6/14)

Very personable Review by Joan

I knit continental style, and had great hopes for this video. The teacher is very personable and enjoyable to watch, but it was hard to follow and learn. It would be nice to have some charts instead of her making up the patterns as she went.

(Posted on 5/30/14)

don't waste your money Review by oma

There is very little information in this video. And she teaches that you should only do stranded work in the round, like on a vest or sweater, but doesn't explain how you work it above armholes. Or on a flat piece such as a blanket.

(Posted on 5/29/14)

What a rip! Review by Sandy

Beware if you download this to your iPad. It disappears.
I am a physician and was called to an emergency, I came back and it was gone. Page expired.
I can't comment on the quality of the video but there should be warnings in BOLD letters, not fine print, to those iPad users out there.

(Posted on 5/26/14)


Biggan did a wonderful job with this video. I am not only new to color stranded work, but to Continental as well; and she made it all quite easy to follow. I am VERY pleased with this video and would recommend it to anyone who fears the intricacy of Fairisle knitting.

(Posted on 5/22/14)

Finally a vidio that really helped! Review by Janet

After looking for a video on several websites and not getting much satisfaction, I tried this on and, da-da! IT WORKS!!!
Thank you for your clear and precise teaching.

(Posted on 5/18/14)

Not as advertised! Review by Caryn

This video is beginning Continental knitting. The only 'stranded color work' is changing colors to knit stripes, and there is no multiple colors at the same time knitting at all. I have gone back and forth with Interweave about this, and they keep sending me the same video., even though they admit it is a mistake and they will fix it.

I may upgrade the review if/when they match the correct video with the purchase description. Aargh!!!!

(Posted on 5/7/14)