Copenhagen Necklace

Golden simplicity at its finest: Jens Pind Linkage is used to create an utterly breathtaking piece. And even better, Copenhagen can be worn by both men and women!

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What is Jens Pind Linkage, you ask? Jens Pind is a tight spiral weaving technique that won’t unwind. Now here’s the kicker, this unusual design can be worn by both men and women. Ladies, still struggling to find an anniversary gift? Link your way into each other’s hearts! This necklace uses bronze rings, typically unique in chain maille. The use of rings with a square cross-section make this a visually stunning design.
Required Materials: 18-gauge 3.62mm ID bronze rings for JPL, 2 oz, Clasp.
Tools Needed: Bent, flat or chain nose pliers, 2 pair.
Techniques Used: Wirework
Originally Published: Step by Step Wire Jewelry, April/May 2010

SKU: EP3038

Author/Speaker/Editor: Charlene Anderson

Format: eProject