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Coupon Codes

What Are Coupon Codes, and How Do I Get Them?

Coupons are a benefit for our customers and subscribers, but are not necessary to make a purchase. Following your first purchase we will deliver exclusive store specials to your e-mail.

The best way to receive coupons or discount promotions for Interweave products is to join any of our Community web sites for free, which will automatically sign you up for our free eNewsletters:

Applying Coupon Codes

You can enter your code in the box labeled 'Discount Codes' when you are viewing your Shopping Cart. Type in the code as it appears in your email and click the orange “Apply Coupon” button. The page should refresh and reflect applied discount on your order. 

Please make sure that the coupon code is typed in exactly as it is shown -- there should be no spaces between letters and numbers. For example, a code of SAVE20 will not apply if it is typed in as SAVE 20.

Please note, you can only apply a single Coupon Code per purchase.

Guidelines and Exclusions

If a discount is not applied, but it is put into the coupon code box correctly, then the coupon is not applicable. Please refer to the email for details surrounding the coupon code to ensure you are within the purchasing guidelines. Also, most codes can only be used once and do not apply for new releases, iTunes purchases, third-party items, pre-orders, back-orders, magazine subscriptions auto-ship programs, kits, and ultimate collections. Other restrictions may apply. 

Please note, you can only apply a single Coupon Code per purchase.  The majority of Coupon Codes are for one time use on a single purchase from Interweave Store.  The few exceptions that may be used more than once will be noted in promotional information.

What are Third-Party Items?

Third-Party Items are items which are made or published by another company, but which we stock and sell through our store. All items that are categorized as “Merchandise” in the store are third-party items. Please note that some DVDs and books which are sold in the store are third-party items, and are not published by Interweave.