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Create & Modify Knitting Charts for Flat and Circular Knitting On Demand Web Seminar

Join Simona Merchant-Dest for an in-depth look at knitting charts for flat and circular knitting. Learn how to transfer flat charts to circular, how to shape lace and colorwork using charts, and more!
OnDemand Webinar

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knitting charts 2 webinar

A follow-up to Simona Merchant Dest's first webinar, dive more in-depth deciphering knitting charts with this second webinar!

Simona will show you reasons why it is sometimes necessary to have a stitch pattern charted rather than in a written form. She will show you that there are far more usages for working with knitting charts than just following a pattern.


Simona will teach you how you can translate written instructions of stitch patterns found in dictionaries into charts. She will demonstrate how to use charts to customize your fit. She will share with you how to shape and modify your projects in pattern invisibly. 


Join Simona to learn how to use charts to simplify and customize your knitting and reach impeccable finished project!

With this Knitting Charts 2 webinar, you'll learn:
  • Why we "translate" written instructions of a stitch pattern into a chart
  • When it is imperative to convert written instructions into charted form
  • All the steps necessary to successfully convert written instructions of a stitch pattern into a chart
  • How to transform a chart used for a flat pattern into one used for a circular knitting pattern
  • How to use charts to shape invisibly within a pattern
  • How to modify your knits using charts
  • How to increase and decrease invisibly in lace and cable patterns
  • How to shape in colorwork
  • And more!
This webinar is designed as the second step in knitting chart comprehension. Join Simona on a journey of learning how to create charts from written instructions and how to transform charts used for flat knitting into a chart used for circular knitting today with this Knitting Charts 2 webinar!



Simona is both knitwear and crochet designer, and a co-author of the best-selling book The Art of Seamless Knitting. Her designs have been featured in most national and international knitting magazine and books. She was a Creative Director and Project Coordinator for Mission Falls and worked as a Technical Design Interpreter for Anna Cohen’s Imperial Knits Collection for Imperial Yarns.


Simona was born and raised in the Czech Republic and her distinguished style in her design has a punch of European flare. She is not only an expert in using charts as a part of knitting instructions, but she also shares her knowledge on how to use charts to modify and customize knits including converting from flat to knitting in the round.


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Author/Speaker/Editor: Simona Merchant-Dest

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Format: OnDemand Webinar

Customer Reviews

Very Useful and Thorough Review Review by Suze

This we binary was a very comprehensive review which touched on all points for which I purchased it. There were one or two new and (to me) useful data points which made a huge difference when it came to converting a flat knit bottom up cabled aran to a top down in the round chart.

But, had I stopped watching the seminar part way through due to some failure to "entertain" me, I would have likely missed them.

I was happy with the review as well as putting to use the information which I had hoped to find when I bought this.

I would recommend this to those looking for a class on the subject.

Saved me many frustrating attempts to convert that chart; well worth the money.

(Posted on 7/3/14)

Very little content Review by Patricia

I watched this as a webinar, and though I realized it was just too elementary for me, I think it would have been extremely tedioius and repetitive even for a less experienced knitter. The concepts are quite simple: balance a pattern by adding or subtracting edge stitches if you are knitting flat, adjust the 'join' point if you are knitting in the round. There were a few other tips, but I think it amounted to that. Only a real beginner would have needed to see someone fill in blocks in a chart, block by block -- and would that person have signed up for this? The audio was also very bad -- the instructor kept mumbling. I got used to her accent quickly, but could hardly hear her even with the volume turned to maximum on my computer.

(Posted on 11/20/13)

Boring beyond belief Review by Ginny

This "video" is just a series of slides or projection-type text images, very amateurish. Which wouldn't matter if the material was interesting and informative. But it was so excruciatingly boring that I have not been able to get through the whole thing. I give it two stars in case it gets much, much better beyond where I gave up. The fact that there's no way to "fast forward" only makes it more frustrating. I deeply regret spending $20 for this video.

(Posted on 11/7/13)