Create Jewelry Pearls

The editors of Beadwork magazine combine stories of this irresistible gem with gorgeous designs to inspire and delight the modern jewelrymaker.

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In Create Jewelry: Pearls, the editors of Beadwork magazine combine stories of this irresistible gem with gorgeous designs to inspire and delight the modern jewelrymaker.

Projects incorporating natural, freshwater, and imitation pearls draw on a wide range of exciting materials, colors, and shapes in 20 stunning, wearable designs. Create Jewelry is divided into three main sections: "The Classics" include traditional pearl stringing, a long Tahitian-look rope, simply elegant coin pearl earrings, and a dramatic dog collar necklace. "Special Occasions" features striking pieces, including a lariat suitable for a bride, a lush copper-colored choker, and an ingenious midnight-black necklace finished with a handstitched tassel. Finally, "Fashion Forward" designs make any look spectacular. Pieces in this section integrate silver links with green pearls in a bib-style necklace, embellish a fun bangle with fiery-colored pearls and beads, and pair colorful handmade beads with dyed pearls for a dramatic bracelet. Gorgeous jewelry photos are accompanied by step-by-step photos and instructions that are easy to follow so readers can easily create their own designs.

Accompanying the projects, chapters on the history, science, and culture of pearls provide intriguing context for the iconic gem, while information on selecting, working with, and caring for pearls help the reader make the most of their treasures. Quotes, anecdotes, and images of pearls through the years round out this informative and entertaining book.

Reviews: "Gorgeous designs to inspire and delight the modern jewelry maker."

"Stunning full-color photos accompany each project, and each features extremely detailed instructions."-Kliatt

"Beautiful photography, step-by-step instructions and interesting background.... [this book] is fun to look at and get inspired by."-South Jersey Bead Society

Table of Contents

Pearls, A Lasting Love Affair: We are drawn to the sensuous beauty of a pearl, to its soft contours, and most of all to the warm, persistent light that seems to glow from within this unique gem.

Pearl Basics: Although the five criteria for selecting the best pearls - luster, surface, shape, color, and size - matter most when buying fine jewelry, they are still important when you choose pearl for your own jewelry-making.

  • Classic Pearl Knotting- The classic strand of pearls features a knot between each pair of pearls, to protect each pearl's surface from scratching on its neighbors and to prevent a broken strand from spilling the entire necklace.
  • Purple Pearls- For the style of classic pearl knotting without the intricate handwork, string Delica beads in a matching or complementary color between each pair of pearls.
  • Dark Beauties- In this long Tahitian-like strand of beads, the look of classic pearl knotting is replicated with a new product that emulates the look of knots.
  • Coin of the Realm- Using a simple coin pearl with a red pearl accent, these simple yet chic earring look fabulous in any part of the world, no matter what the currency.
  • Mother-of-Pearl Radiance- Long considered less desirable that true pearls, mother-of-pearl is made of the same material-nacre-and can glow as beautifully as its much-prized cousin.
  • The Midas Touch- A fresh take on the Edwardian dog collar, this delicate but distinctive necklace makes a statement.
  • Cuff Deluxe- Burgundy seed beads form the base of this cuff and bring out the spectrum of glorious colors in these side-drilled coin pearls.
Special Occasion
  • Champagne Necklace- Scattered pearls, wrapped with wire to sparkling ribbon, appear to bubble up like champagne in a glass flute.
  • Sacred Vows Lariat- Two become one in this wedding necklace perfect for the bride.
  • Lavender Bouquet- Inspired by new love, this delicate but versatile piece is filled with special details.
  • Pearl Fusion- The combination of peach pearls and turquoise nuggets begins in a handcrafted pendant and continues throughout this multistrand necklace.
  • Copper Romance- Large pearls and small beaded rings in hues of copper, bronze, and almond are embellished with dashes of dark Tahitian blue.
  • Midnight Tassel- A dangling handstitched tassel of seed beads and black pearls punctuates this spectacular necklace, which alternates oval and top-drilled pearls separated by sophisticated wavy jump rings.
  • Chain Reaction- Huge links of oval silver chain are divided by small classic white pearls, large sexy black pearls, and spunky teal pearls.
  • Global Pearls- Materials and colors fuse together flawlessly in this chunky treat of the wrist.
  • Catch of the Day- Pearl and silver charms are captured in this seven-foot-long "net" of braided cord, which is designed to wrap several times around the neck.
  • Off the Grid- Begin with a base of green and orange seed beads stitched into a right-angle weave grid, and embellish it with a scattering of dark green pearls.
  • Ocean Wonders- A reminder that pearls are merely one of many gifts from the sea, this shell pendant is engraved with images of the ocean's bounty.
  • Wild Trellis- This very organic bracelet is a symbol of growth and regeneration.
  • Center of Attention- Circles of chain broken up with wire-wrapped pink pearls lead to a centerpiece composed of more circles for a fun, flirty piece, perfect for a night out on the town.
  • Brilliant Bangle- Six colors of seed beads blend to bring out the glow and nuance of each of three colors of pearls.
  • Very Berry- Tiny pink pearls stitched into berrylike clusters are the impetus for these "oh so very" dangling chain earrings.
About the Author

Marlene Blessing has worked as an editorial director in western book publishing for two decades. Marlene is the editorial director for Beadwork, Stringing, and Step by Step Beads magazines. She lives in Longmont, Colorado.

Jamie Hogsett is the former editor of Stringing magazine and the special projects editor of Beadwork magazine, and the author of Stringing Style. Jamie has taught beading classes in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and California. She lives in Kansas City, Kansas.

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