Metalsmith Essentials: Create Spirals, Tubes, and Other Curves for Jewelry Making

Join Helen. I Driggs to discover expert metalsmithing techniques for crafting tubes, spirals, and serpentine forms in your jewelry designs in this detailed jewelry making DVD.
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From antiquity, to modern day!
Explore the potential spirals and tubes offer your jewelry designs

Join Senior Editor Helen I. Driggs for Metalsmith Essentials: Create Spirals, Tubes, and Other Curves for Jewelry Making a jewelry making DVD devoted to one of the oldest and most common shapes in nature – the spiral. Discover different metalsmithing techniques for crafting this lovely form.

From wire to metal sheet, Helen goes in-depth with the steps you for crafting spirals, tubes, and other curves. Dive into ancient designs that are still used today – the specula from the Greeks and the speculum from the Romans. Boost your jewelry making skills as you go step-by-step through the process of creating these forms easily and correctly.

Order your copy of this workshop DVD today to:

  • Advance your techniques with 12 detailed lessons to master crafting spirals, tubes, and other curves out of wire and metal sheet.
  • Explore different metalsmith techniques for crafting spiral shapes, from bending wire with pliers to beating metal sheet into submission.
  • Explore the jewelry making tools, materials, and steps needed to create various forms.
  • Spend less time guessing with “fabriconista” Helen’s detailed directions and expert tips for successfully mastering these forms.
  • Learn tips to make tubing, then go beyond to craft speculum with ease.
  • And more!

Be blown away with the techniques we’ve packed into this single jewelry making workshop DVD. Don’t miss out on these metal jewelry making secrets that will advance your techniques. Get your copy today and start building jewelry that showcasing these beautiful forms.


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Customer Reviews curve balls here. Review by Randall

Another excellent video tutorial from Helen Driggs. Her teaching style and knowledge of the subject make her an excellent instructor. It is an enjoyable experience to watch her demonstrations...she single handed put most metalsmithing schools out of business.

(Posted on 12/18/13)

Another GREAT video! Review by Monica

This is another GREAT video from Helen Driggs. Tons of information from a very gifted instructor. Helen is a lively teacher and a lot of fun to watch. I like her videos so much that whenever I'm feeling like a sedentary blob, I tune into a Helen video to get motivated and get out my tools. I LOVE every video Helen has made.

(Posted on 11/18/13)