Creating Prayer Flags using Sun Shibori and Stencils OnDemand Web Seminar

Lisa Chin shows you how to use paint, stencils, and traditional shibori techniques to make unique prayer flags.
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Creating Prayer Flags Using Sun Shibori and Stencils Web Seminar


About the Web Seminar


Today’s artists have taken the 2000-year-old Tibetan prayer flag tradition and updated it by creating flags that include their own symbols and mantras while using a variety of art techniques. In this class you will learn to manipulate fabric using ancient Shibori techniques, used in conjunction with the more modern surface design methods including sun printing and stenciling. And because we will be using paint, there are no dyes or chemicals to mix!


Complete directions will be given for the surface design work on the flag fabric, as well as cutting and sewing instructions for the prayer flags. The methods are simple, yet create a complex and dimensional look to your flags. Hand and machine embroidery can be easily added to your flags, but will not be covered in depth in this class. You will come away from this webinar excited to create and spread messages of hope and love through the prayer flags you create in your own corner of the world.


What You’ll Learn

  • Three Shibori folding/tying methods
  • How to use Setacolor paints for Sun Shibori
  • How to stencil
  • How to cut and sew your own Prayer Flags


As a child, Lisa Chin continually begged her Mom to buy new craft projects for her, all the while promising she would really and truly finish the new project this time. As an adult, Lisa discovered the reason she never finished those projects: she was obsessed with the process of creating.  Once she figured out how to make sometime she was done, whether the project was done or not. As a result of this discovery, Lisa learned to embrace her desire to create while learning the fine art of finishing a project through countless hours of drawing, painting, sewing, and quilting. She currently puts all these passions together in her textile art. Lisa also enjoys sharing her love for creating with others through her blog:, as well as through teaching classes, and creating patterns for magazines. Her patterns and art have been published in Quilting Arts Gifts, Modern Patchwork, International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene, Quotes Illustrated, Inspired by the Beatles: An Art Quilt Challenge, and Zen Doodle: Tons of Tangling.


Who Should Attend?

  • Artists who would like to learn a new technique or two
  • Quilters with a desire to create their own fabric

  • New and Experienced surface designers

  • Sewers who want to branch out into surface design techniques

  • Anyone who would like to learn something new

  • Artists who have allergies to dyes, as the paints look and feel like dye on the fabric

SKU: EP10086

File Type: MP4

Format: OnDemand Webinar

SKU: EP10086

File Type: MP4

Format: OnDemand Webinar

Customer Reviews

Fun Lesson on Sun Shibori and prayer flags Review by Lynda

Lisa introduces us to Sun Shibori - combining this ancient art form with sun printing. What a great technique! With detailed slides, she explains her step-by-step process so it is easy to understand. After showing us her beautiful finished pieces, she takes us through the steps of turning this fabric into prayer flags. If you've ever wanted to learn how to sun print or make prayer flags, you'll love this webinar.

(Posted on 7/2/2014)

(Posted on 7/2/2014)