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Creative Cloth: Designing and Embellishing Handwoven Fabric DVD

Create your own unique handwoven fabrics with embellishment techniques from renowned artist and weaver Anita Luvera Mayer in this DVD workshop. Download

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An intimate visit with Anita Mayer, renowned artist and weaver.

Visit her studio, learn about her inspirations and her creative process, and see her work.

Creative Cloth

Anita Luvera Mayer believes there should be something magical and unique in what we wear each day. In this video workshop, she shares her creative approach and teaches a variety of innovative and fun embellishment techniques you can use to make creative cloth for any purpose.

You’ll learn to make colorful and surprising designs using a variety of dye and discharge techniques, and how to add interest, texture, and sparkle to cloth with beading, crochet and more, plus dozens more ideas for making simple, flattering, joyful garments and accessories from handwoven cloth.

With this two-hour workshop, you will:

  • Discover ways to design your own creative wardrobe using Anita's philosophy of simple uniforms accented with unique coverings.
  • See Anita's creative process which includes a wide collection of journals where she keeps all the ideas and inspiration she's collected over the years.
  • Learn to embellish with color through techniques such as discharge, bleeding tissue, and fabric paints.
  • Learn applied embellishment techniques including crocheted cords, stacked beading, and wrapped rings
  • Gain inspiration with dozens of examples that Anita has waiting for you.

Every fiber artist will enjoy this in-depth exploration of fabric and garment design.

Creative Cloth comes as a 2-disc DVD set, a standard definition download, or a high definition download.

Creative Cloth
Creative Cloth
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Creative Cloth
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Creative Cloth
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Creative Cloth
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Creative Cloth
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Creative Cloth

About the Author
Anita Luvera Mayer is an internationally recognized weaver and fiber artist, designer, and author. She was first introduced to weaving in 1955 when her mother-in-law gave her a floor loom as a wedding gift. She gives lectures and workshops on individualized clothing, women's issues, and creativity. In addition to weaving, her fiber work has evolved to include many types of innovative surface design techniques as well as beadwork, embroidery, freeform knitting, and crochet.

SKU: 12WV07

Author/Speaker/Editor: Anita Luvera Mayer

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596686595

Number Of Pages: 160

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Customer Reviews

What a kick! Review by Nancy

Our weaving guild has had Anita lead several interesting workshops. It's nice to see that she has lost none of her verve and zest for the creation of unique textiles. Her personal view of the way a woman relates to her textiles is precious as is she. There's much useful information to be gained by the watching of this dvd. I would recommend it for the fibre person who loves handwork.

(Posted on 3/31/14)

Inspired! Review by Barbara

Anita's DVD has inspired me so much. I cannot wait to share it with my creative group. I have been looking for something to take my work up a notch or two or more, and this was perfect. So happy I purchased it.

(Posted on 12/6/13)

Inspirational! Review by Kristina

A fibery friend and I watched this DVD set today which I had borrowed from my public library and thoroughly enjoyed learning about Anita's creative process. Seeing the finished garments, her design thoughts, and then to see how she actually creates her incredible fabrics was inspirational. Her sense of humor and practicality was wonderful and I plan on suggesting our weaving guild purchase this DVD set.

Thank you Interweave Press and Anita!

(Posted on 11/13/13)

Wonderful workshop Review by Deb

Anita is a very special lady. I found her and her work very inspiring. Excellent ideas and lots of them from all aspects of this workshop. I love her uniforms and have started redoing my wardrobe. It just makes so much sense. Her suggestions for developing ideas and projects are very helpful and using them is a pleasure and they can be applied to all sorts of things. Some very useful ideas for embellishment and creating unique fabric and items. I have been using them on fabric for furniture and bags too. Many thanks Anita!

(Posted on 9/10/13)

Anita is a treasure Review by Tamara

I ordered this DVD download in June and I have watched it several times. Anita is a treasure and her creations are amazing. She is very generous in spirit as she shares her techniques and inspirations with us. My favorite part of the DVD is her sketchbooks. I really enjoy looking the stages she takes to get to the finished project.

(Posted on 8/23/13)