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Creative Estonian Knitting: Textured Stitches to Swatch and Explore with Merike Saarniit

Learn to knit beautiful patterns and expand your knitting horizons with Merike Saarniit's Creative Estonian knitting video, complete with a free sampler of textured stitches

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Creative Estonian Knitting DVD
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Creative Estonian Knitting Video Download

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Explore Estonian Knitting!



PieceWork Presents:
Creative Estonian Knitting:
Textured Stitches to Swatch and Explore

with Merike Saarniit



Merike Saarniit treasures the richness and creativity of her Estonian textile heritage. Reading the complex knitting patterns in her Estonian stitch dictionaries, Merike fell in love with the innovative designs and endless variations.

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Learn to knit these beautiful patterns and expand your knitting horizons in this video workshop! 

In addition to the traditional stitches, you'll discover how Merike's innovative cast-on and selvedge treatments transform a swatch into a useful start for a hat, cuff, or even a sweater. With Merike's guidance, you will knit:
  • Stretchy decorative elongated stitches
  • Surprising stitch manipulations
  • Several kinds of nupps
  • Elegant horizontal and traveling patterns
  • And more!
Plus! Follow along with Merike in this video and make your own Estonian stitch sampler using the free pattern included with this workshop!
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Creative Estonian Knitting is available on DVD or instantly download the video.
Order your copy of this knitting video workshop today!

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Merike Saarniit

File Type: MP4

Format: Video

ISBN 13: 978-1-62033-654-0

Runtime: 90 Minutes

Customer Reviews

I really like the dvd Review by Thanh Thao

Merike teaching and demonstrating each stitch pattern very logical, easy to follow and understand. I give it a four star because I would like her to teach more Estonian stitches in her pattern book. Maybe in another dvd.

(Posted on 5/27/14)

Excellent video Review by Beverly

I am thrilled to have learned so much from one video. Merike is a great teacher and gives you confidence as she takes the mystery out of how to manipulate the stitches. What would have been a problem to try to figure out with written instructions becomes so clear when she shows you how to do them. Thanks for this video. I loved it.

(Posted on 4/15/14)

Inspiring Review by Suzan

I just recently watched this video and finished it feeling so motivated. I love the stitch patterns that Merike teaches and she gives suggestions on how to use them in your own knitting. The textures you create are interesting and beautiful to look at. I am excited to put what I have learned into practice. Merike is an excellent teacher and very inspiring.

(Posted on 4/9/14)

Excellent workshop!! Congratulations!! Review by Roslinda

I just bought your Estonian Knitting video and it is excellent!
Y knit since 5 years old and yet every day I discover new possibilities of this wonderful technique.
A cordial greeting from Buenos Aires, Argentina

(Posted on 1/13/14)

Just Great Review by Noreen

I've taken classes on Estonian stitches from Merike, but this class is perfect. I love her way of teaching, and having it on my computer means that I can listen as many times as I want to until I have it right. I love, too, that she is all about the creativity. Try something new.

(Posted on 1/8/14)

Estonian knitting Review by Silvia

I am German and don't understand much of the abbreviations in the knitting magazines and books etc. I have to visualize it
Since Tina find this DVD helpful, I decided to ordered one . I guess I let you know if it helps me too :-) Danke schoen Tina

(Posted on 1/8/14)

Excellent workshop Review by Tina (Tichiro)

Even though I knit for more than 25 years I learned some new stitches and tricks from this workshop.
Merike shows everything very clearly so it is easy to understand and follow what she is doing and why.
Her pronunciation is very clear and just with the right speed so even for a non native speaker like me (I'm german) it's no problem to understand what she's saying.
And I love her slightly hoarse voice - I could listen to her for hours and hours :-)
Well worth the price - you won't be disappointed!

Now I know that I MUST take a trip to Estonia one day... :-)

(Posted on 1/7/14)

Wowser! Review by Joy

I am an Estonian knitting fan. I love all things Estonian knitting and when this got advertised on Knitting Daily when there was a Christmas sale going on -- well I couldn't resist! I have watched the whole thing through once and will do the swatch the next time through. First of all, Merike's voice is so soothing and friendly. You feel like you are sitting in your own private knitting spot with your best friend, learning something new from her. Next take a look at how she explains each stitch as she demonstrates it. It is all very clear and I found myself thinking, I can do that stitch! even though there have been mittens that I haven't knitted because I didn't think I could do that exact same stitch. Love the little tips that you add in here and there, but mostly you take the mystery out of those complex Estonian stitches that I have wondered about. Last, without a doubt, Merike gave me the confidence to try anything. Even though my thoughts might not be 'traditional Estonian' it is traditional because the Estonian knitters are creative. If you have even thought you would like to learn some new Estonian stitches, give this video download a try. You won't regret it! -- Joy

(Posted on 1/6/14)