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Creative Lettering: Using Your Doodles

By Kari McKnight Holbrook

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  • You enjoyed Kari’s first web seminar, “Delectable Doodles and Beyond”
  • You’ve designed your own creative lettering, and want to learn how to apply it to your mixed-media art projects
  • You want to learn best practices for applying artful lettering styles to your art


If you enjoyed Kari McKnight Holbrook's web seminar, "Delectable Doodles and Beyond," then prepare to enjoy part two, "Creative Lettering: Using Your Doodles." (And if you missed part one, you can download it here: Now that you've learned how to create fonts and artful lettering, discover how to incorporate your newly designed handwriting into your mixed-media projects!

Handwriting is a love-hate relationship for many artists. Even if they are blessed with having naturally lovely handwriting, they may agonize over physically putting it into their art. Many opt for using found text rather than risk beautiful created backgrounds, or expensive journals. This workshop will show the hesitant artist how to incorporate their own writing (and authentic marks) into their art with no risk! 

Kari McKnight Holbrook will guide you through a charming mixed media canvas project as a vehicle to demonstrate how easy it is to use your own writing on various surfaces.  Using easily obtained supplies, you will discover the hows and whys certain products work together, and some do not. Products and processes are thoroughly explained as the artwork takes shape.

In step by step fashion, Kari walks you through the process she uses to infuse whimsy and personality into her personal art. Kari offers art without risk, encouraging you to believe in your own mark making abilities.  She instructs you in an approachable fashion that makes the connections to your own art and own methods exciting and relevant.


  • Create a whimsical mixed-media canvas project.
  • Learn the best methods for incorporating your personal writing into your art, and how to add creative lettering to your projects with no risk to your previous layers.
  • Explore ways to test placement and size before committing.
  • Discover how to get perfect writing every time.
  • Investigate the best methods to protect your previously created backgrounds.


Kari McKnight Holbrook is an award winning architectural photographer,

artist, and author who enjoys teaching mixed media workshops around the world. Her expressive photos, art, articles and studio have been featured in dozens of the industry’s top magazines.  She plays with all forms of mixed media, and is taking great pleasure this year as a 2013 Design Team member for Sculpey. Kari is a devoted instructor and she delights in sharing her love for art with students, watching them bloom in their artistic journeys. Her engaging, popular classes are light hearted and designed with student’s pleasure and success in mind, enthusiastically guiding projects and techniques while allowing for artistic self discovery and individualization. Her website is



SKU: EP8222

Author/Speaker/Editor: Kari McKnight-Holbrook

File Type: MP4

Format: OnDemand Webinar

SKU: EP8222

Author/Speaker/Editor: Kari McKnight-Holbrook

File Type: MP4

Format: OnDemand Webinar

Customer Reviews

Disappointed Review by Sandra

Disappointed with this. It was too long for the amount of the information that was shared. It's just a series of Powerpoint slides and a voice talking over it. No actual demo. The points raised could have been covered in a simple magazine article. Definitely not worth the money paid for it. Waste of time, waste of money

(Posted on 10/21/2013)

(Posted on 10/21/2013)