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  1. Ventura Crocheted Vest Pattern

    Ventura Crocheted Vest Pattern

    Release your inner Bohemian with this crocheted vest with crocheted grannies as pockets. Learn More

    Item Number: EP8558

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  2. Zuma Crocheted Skirt Pattern

    Zuma Crocheted Skirt Pattern

    Crochet this seamless skirt pattern and with vertical lines of Solomon's Knots, gentle curves, and finished edges. Learn More

    Item Number: EP8559

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  3. Honeycomb Crocheted Shawl Pattern

    Honeycomb Crocheted Shawl Pattern

    The hexagonal crochet motifs of this colorful and light summer shawl share characteristics with mirrors used in astronomical telescopes. Learn More

    Item Number: EP8560

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  4. Palm Crocheted Tunic Pattern

    Palm Crocheted Tunic Pattern

    Crochet this breezy tunic beautiful enough for wearing day or night. Learn More

    Item Number: EP8561

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  5. Soleil Lariat Crocheted Necklace Pattern

    Soleil Lariat Crocheted Necklace Pattern

    This crochet lariat is worked in one continuous piece in a variation of the sun motif in the Solar Wrap. Learn More

    Item Number: EP8562

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  6. Meander Crocheted Backpack Pattern

    Meander Crocheted Backpack Pattern

    Use this tapestry crocheted backpack pattern to create a bag for all your adventure essentials. Learn More

    Item Number: EP8563

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  7. Love Is a Rose Crocheted Shawl Pattern

    Love Is a Rose Crocheted Shawl Pattern

    Crochet this shawl pattern that was awarded first place for accessories in the 2012 Crochet Guild of America design contest. Learn More

    Item Number: EP8564

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  8. Arroyo Seco Crocheted Top Pattern

    Arroyo Seco Crocheted Top Pattern

    Crocheted lace with this Bohemian inspired top complete with granny squares and open grid shaped to the waist. Learn More

    Item Number: EP8565

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  9. Crochet Mittens ePattern Kit

    Crochet Mittens ePattern Kit

    Download seven crochet mitten patterns at once with this pattern kit! From basic mittens to crochet cables and colorwork, these mittens feature a variety of crochet techniques. Learn More

    Item Number: EP7533-EP6079-EP3002-EP2734-EP2164-EP2765-EP2123-BUNDLE

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  10. Bloomsbury Top

    Bloomsbury Top

    The color-change yarn used in this crochet top pattern brings a bit of flair to the floral design. Learn More

    Item Number: EP7963

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