Crochet Finishing Techniques DVD

This video workshop with Robyn Chachula will help you learn how to finish your crochet beautifully-and it's perfect for crocheters of all levels!

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With Robyn’s video, your crochet will be spectacular as you finish your work beautifully!
Crochet Finishing Techniques
Crochet Finishing Techniques with Robyn Chachula
Block, Seam, Cut, Edge, and Close your Crochet!
Crochet Finishing Techniques Spacer 15x15 pixels At the end of every crochet pattern is a short paragraph of finishing directions. Those few sentences can be the difference between a fabulous garment and a flop—but those skills can seem like a secret code.

With Robyn Chachula’s video, you can give your work the polished details and accents that transform it from fine to fantastic.

In this 98-minute video you will learn:
  • How to spray, wash, or steam block pieces
  • When to use different sewn and crocheted joins
  • Why and how to (gasp!) cut your work
  • Where crocheted edgings can join and enhance crochet
  • How to close pieces with buttons, zippers, frogs, and more
Beginner to expert crocheters will find the keys to success in this video workshop.
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Crochet Finishing Techniques with Robyn Chachula
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Author/Speaker/Editor: Robyn Chachula

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781620337639