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Crochet Flowers: Patterns and Design Ideas

By Toni Rexroat, Crochet Me editor

Delicate petals created from strands of twisted fiber. Some crochet flowers are only a simple silhouette, a pop of color, while other crochet flowers create delicate points of lace. Crochet flowers can be worked in elegant lace techniques or used to create texture on a sweater or accessory. These tantalizing blossoms can also be used as everything from the perfect embellishment to an amazing sweater or tunic.

Crocheted Flowers and Scarf Pattern: Diana's Blossom Scarf How to Make a Crochet Flower into Jewelry: Traditional Oya

Crocheted Flowers as Embellishment

The most common use for crochet flowers is as an embellishment. Crochet flowers can add a touch of spring or a pop of color to hats, scarves, purses, garments and more. The small flowers on Diana’s Blossom Scarf are not integral to the scarf’s construction, but elevate this simple scarf to an eye-catching piece. These delicate embellishments are also the perfect use for the small leftover balls of yarn in your stash. When you are embellishing with crochet flowers remember to use the same yarn or yarn with similar care instructions.

You can also create trim by attaching individual crochet flowers to crocheted strips and seaming the trim to the bottom of skirts, aprons, dresses, afghans, and more.

Crochet Flower Patterns: St. Tropez Tunic Sweater/Crochet Flower Pattern: Marina Sweater

Crocheted Flowers as Fabric

But flowers can be used as more than just embellishments. Crochet flower motifs can be joined to create the project’s fabric. The St. Tropez Tunic is comprised entirely of flower motifs that are joined as you go. These lace motifs can be used as building pieces to create dresses, lined bags, tunics, sweaters, and more.

Or try working stacks of individual crochet flowers. The flowers can be pinned to a template and joined to create any desired shape. The Marina Sweater is constructed using this method of laying out individual flowers and joining them after they are completed.

Crocheted Flower Pattern: Fire Flower Hair Clip How to Crochet Flowers on Pillows: Flower Power Pillow

Crocheting Flowers as the Main Attraction

Some crochet flower patterns make the flower the main star. The Flower Power Pillow uses colorwork to create a large flower image. This same technique can be applied to tapestry crochet as well as Fair Isle patterns. A single flower can be used to create a fun and funky hair accessory, crochet flowers for hats, or striking pin, especially when worked in a yarn with a bit of sparkle.

Whether the first buds of spring are blooming, summer is in full swing, or winter snow has blanketed the ground, you can always surround yourself with crochet flowers. Download your favorite crochet flower patterns and books today.

Toni Rexroat

Best wishes,

Toni Rexroat is the editor for Crochet Me.

Outfitted with several crochet hooks and surrounded by bins of yarn, she has been the assistant editor for Interweave Crochet magazine and sister publication PieceWork. She was born and raised in a little town in Wyoming where she was exposed to wool and other fibers at an early age, and began crocheting in her early teens. Enjoying a wide variety of fibery hobbies from crochet and knitting to sewing, she is determined to learn to spin so she can crochet with her own yarn.

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