Crochet Me Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution

Crochet Me offers 18 designs from emerging crochet artists certain to get those hooks moving.

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Join the crochet revolution! Young designers everywhere are making crochet their own with hip, edgy, stylish designs that are toppling the frumpy, uncool image of the craft. Crochet Me: Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution by Kim Werker, editor of Interweave Crochet magazine and founder of the online community, offers 18 designs from emerging crochet artists certain to get those hooks moving.

How did the crochet renaissance get started? Read short essays about experimenting with crochet to empower readers to take design risks. The projects run the spectrum from crochet jewelry to thigh-high stockings, retro bags, scarves, sweaters, shrugs, camis, home decor objects, and more. Projects explore color, texture, design, embellishment, and how to customize patterns to fit personal style. Basic crochet techniques will be covered along with tutorials on sizing, design, and special techniques. Up-and-coming designers are profiled throughout the book to give an entertaining and inspiring insight into this new generation of crocheters - what inspires them, how they find community with other crocheters, and creative ideas for breaking the rules and representing their individual crochet style. This book will empower everyone to start their own crochet revolution. This is crochet for the people!

Reviews: "4 1/2 out of 5 stars. This is a good book of crochet designs both for yourself and for your home."-Knitting News

"This book of great designs may just change old-fashioned opinions about crochet."-Knitting News

"Crochet like you've never seen it before. These patterns are really gorgeous and innovative. "-The News & Observer

Comfy Cardi by Robyn Chachula
Comfy Cardi

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Pattern Spotlight: Comfy Cardi
by Robyn Chachula

Robyn's Inspiration:

This cardi was inspired by my two daily needs: to crochet fun lacy patterns and to keep warm because I am always cold. I originally dreamed up this design at work watching all the women in my office walk around in ugly cardigans, coats, or large shirts because they were cold. I asked myself, "Why should they have to look silly in their 'office sweaters'? Why not make a pretty office sweater you could wear with everything every day?" Thus, the comfy cardi was born.


Intro to Blocking fromCrochet Me:

Crochet Me Intro to Blocking




I'm a Convert Sweater from Crochet Me
I'm a Convert Sweater


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Pattern Spotlight: I'm a Convert Sweater
by Missa Hills

Missa's Inspiration:

I wanted a sweater I could wear in almost any season. As I was drawing up the shape for this pullover, I realized I could get a design that was modular: Take the sleeves off, rip off the neck piece, and you have a spring T-Shirt! The yarn itself helped with the shaping of the top to create a tight, stretchy fit in single crochet worked in the front loop only. Not only is the sweater modular, it has a open-work stitch designed to be worn over a shirt, camisole, or alone for a cool breeze!

Intro to Stitch Diagrams from Crochet Me:

Now, dear readers, take a deep breath and mentally embrace the crochet symbol. The symbol is a thing of elegance. In one line drawing you get all the information contained in a paragraph of frighteningly complex abbreviations and punctuation. As an added bonus, the diagram even closely resembles the fabric you’ll create.

As with color charts, you begin following the symbols in the lower right. Each row is marked with a number. Odd-numbered rows are read from right to left, even-numbered rows from left to right. Symbols depicting crochet in the round are followed from the center out and are read in a counterclockwise direction. Every time a symbol diagram is used, a key accompanies it to show you what each symbol stands for.

Stitch Diagram from Crochet Me

It’s possible, even likely, that you’ve never followed a symbol diagram before. If you hate following a text pattern, symbols will be your salvation. And you’ll be seeing symbol diagrams more and more in crochet publications and text less and less. So get used to it. Also, get used to the world growing ever smaller as your newfound symbol skills allow you to follow crochet patterns from foreign publications in French, Dutch, or Japanese or some other unfamiliar language. The beauty of crochet symbols is they are universal.


babydoll dress by amy oneill hauk
Babydoll Dress


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Pattern Spotlight: Babydoll Dress
by Amy O'Neill Houck

Amy's Inspiration:

When designing this dress, I was inspired by the great layered fashions I was seeing in magazines and stores - little dresses work over jeans and long T-shirts that mixed lacy and casual. A sleeveless tunic worked in thread crochet that I found at a thrift store inspired the stitch patterns I used in the lace of this modular crochet babydoll dress.

messenger bag by julie armstrong holetz
Messenger Bag

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Pattern Spotlight: Messenger Bag
by Julie Armstrong Holetz

Julie's Inspiration:

I wanted to create a design that could be adapted easily to make something unique. The construction of the bag is very simple; it's what you do with it that makes it special. By making changes to the cut-out designs or embroidered edging or by changing colors, you can give this bag a whole new personality. If you don't want to do the color blocks but like the idea of a contrast color showing through the holes, simply make the bag in one color, cut out the holes and line the flap in a contrasting color.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Kim Werker

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596680449

Number Of Pages: 144

Table of Contents
  • Icelandic Turtleneck (Chloe Nightingale)- Crocheted sweaters get a bad rap, but this one will change your mind! Crocheted with a thin yarn, the result is a nice, stretchy, snuggly sweater with great drape.
  • Convertible Victorian Shrug (Robyn Chachula)- This shrug was borne of a mix of inspirations - the high necklines and yards of lace reminiscent of the Victorian era, combined with a sexy, confident, asymmetrical twist.
  • Mini-Wrap Skirt (Amy O'Neill Houck)- This edgy yet durable skirt is quick to create and will look cool whether you're riding a bike or taking a night out on the town.
  • Messenger Bag (Julie Armstrong Holetz)- The design of this messenger bag is easily adaptable. By making changes to the cut-out design or embroidered edging, you can give this bag a whole new personality.
  • I'm a Convert Sweater (Melissa Hills)- This modular sweater design makes it many pieces in one - take the sleeves off and remove the neckpiece, and you have a t-shirt! It has a open-work stitch designed to be worn over a shirt, camisole, or alone for a cool breeze.
  • Style Moderne Jewelry (Chloe Nightingale)- This Art Deco inspired jewelry comes in coordinating pieces in a variety of sizes, from a necklace to a cuff bracelet that can be made larger to be an armband or choker.
  • Mesmerize Sweater (Kristin Omdahl)- This sweater with flowing kimono sleeves and side vents incorporates swirling motifs throughout.
  • Shades of Plaid Scarf (Julie Armstrong Holetz)- Go plaid with crochet! This woven chain design in two colorways creates the perfect accent scarf.
  • Leaves Sweater (Annette Petavy)- This sweater is inspired by nature's mysteries. The seed beads bordering the leaves are reminiscent of dewdrops glistening in the morning sun, and they also give this sweater an elegant drape.
  • Thigh Highs (Cecily Keim)- Tights, thigh-highs, leggings! Whatever you call them, this crocheted set will add pizzaz to your wardrobe.
  • Comfy Cardi (Robyn Chachula)- Life is too short to wear an ugly office sweater when you get the chills. This fun, lacy pattern will keep you warm while you look cool.
  • Five O'Clock Tank (Megan Granholm)- Go from day to evening in this lace tank crocheted with bamboo yarn for beautiful drape.
  • Cocoon Bag (Cecily Keim)- This ruffled, crumpled, cocoon-like market bag will have you looking unique and pretty as you walk home with your wares.
  • Variations Baskets (Carol Ventura)- The flared shape and triangle-stripe motif on these baskets is based on artifacts from other cultures.
  • Circle Motif Rug (Donna Hulka)- The designer says she's always loved circles but wasn't wild about crocheting them until she discovered the adjustable ring, which allows the center hole to be pulled tightly closed.
  • Gordo and Doug (Kim Werker)- These dolls, with their luxe exoskeleton of bulky yarn crocheted on a small hook, are terrific for cuddling or for just hanging around looking good.
About the Author

Kim Werker is the founder and creative director of the online magazine,, and editor ofInterweave Crochet magazine. She is the author of Get Hooked: Simple Steps to Crochet Cool Stuff and co-author of Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting. Kim wrote a column about crochet and the Internet in Knit.1, has appeared on Needle Arts Studio with Shay Pendray on PBS, HGTV’s Uncommon Threads and will appear on the new show Knit and Crochet Today. She is a native New Yorker and currently lives in Vancouver, BC.M

"Crochet Me looks like a pretty awesome book."

SKU: 07KN12

Author/Speaker/Editor: Kim Werker

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781596680449

Number Of Pages: 144

Customer Reviews

I love this book Review by Cindy Ely

I am a beginner crocheter and I love this book. The designs are thoughtful and have allowed me to really expand my abilities. I love the bios from the designers and all the tips like the tunisian how-to and information on blocking. The designs all look intricate but with patience can be done by anyone.

(Posted on 5/6/2011)

(Posted on 5/6/2011)