Crochet Me Workshop: Mosaic Crochet with Lily Chin (Video Download)

Make Mosaic Crochet with Lily Chin.
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Experience Colorwork in Crochet Like Never Before!

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Mosaic Crochet with Lily Chin DVD


Crochet Me Workshop: 
Mosaic Crochet with Lily Chin

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With the help of master crocheter Lily Chin, you’ll learn mosaic crochet techniques that will improve your ability to create stunning and colorful crocheted afghans and more.


Based off the mosaic knitting principle of working one color at a time, Lily Chin walks you through the steps of creating a mosaic fabric by crocheting downward to cover the previous color row. The right side of your fabric comes alive with color, and the wrong side rows are plain single crochet—making this technique easy for all skill levels, focusing on patterns every other row.


  • Prepare for mosaic colorwork in crochet with how-to tutorials on basic foundation stitches.
  • Never get lost with step-by-step instruction for crocheting with one, two, and three colors for mosaic effects.
  • Master advanced techniques with how-to tutorials on crochet ripple effects, manipulating blocks of color, crochet "letter" patterns such as "v" and "x" colorwork, and unique variations on all the stitches to make designs uniquely yours.
  • Gain pattern ideas full of textures and shapes to decorate your home, wardrobe, and more.
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Crochet mosaic art! Lily will guide you through the endless possibilities for color, texture, and pattern that this fun technique entails. Mosaic crochet techniques look complicated but are really super-easy. You’ll get more “bang for your buck,” in your crochet work, especially with Lily Chin as your guide. 


Download your copy of Lily's Mosaic Crochet video today!

About the Author

Lily Chin was named a Master Knitter by Vogue Knitting International. She’s appeared on TV shows with David Letterman and Martha Stewart, has made runway pieces for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Isaac Mizrahi, and Diane von Furstenberg, and designed for supermodels Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. She’s been knitting professionally for thirty years and teaching for twenty of them. Her designs are regularly featured in knitting and crochet magazines, as well as many books. She lives and works in New York City.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Lily M. Chin

Format: Standard Definition Video

Customer Reviews

Inspiring Review by Elise

I was hesitant to learn by video since I usually prefer books but Lily Chin is fabulous. She is so easy to follow that even when she goes fast it's easy to pick up. Lily isn't just talented, she's charming and funny. I highly recommend this workshop.

(Posted on 4/26/14)

Excellent, really clearly explained, and made me want to have a go! Review by Amanda

This is a very thorough and clear video tutorial.

I definitely feel that I could tackle the technique now after watching.

(Posted on 3/15/14)

Excellent Review by Carol

I loved this DVD - Lily Chin shows how a simple technique can produce an infinite variety of outstanding patterns that look really intricate. Each stitch is shown in full detail so there is no chance of making a mistake and I shall watch over and over again, just to see all the lovely examples that Lily has made. There is only one thing extra that I would have liked and that is how Lily suggests joining the pieces when strips of crochet are made. In most of her examples the join cannot be seen!

(Posted on 2/18/14)

Outstanding Review by James

I really love this workshop - Lily is hilarious and very engaging, and explains things in a clear approachable way. I have already been able to apply a number of her tips to my own work.

(Posted on 12/20/13)

Love it.. Review by anita

Lily Chin makes learning this technique so simple. A must have for your crochet DVD collection...

(Posted on 12/14/13)

Best crochet tutorial Review by So Ko

Out of the tutorials I've bought so far, this is by far the best : technique explained in details with useful tips, given by someone who obviously knows her art. Spice this up with some hilarious comments and on top of learning efficiently you have a good laugh. I wish Lili would make more of these !

(Posted on 9/8/12)

amazing Review by Jessica Fatch

I love this dvd! Lily Chin is an great teacher and I've really dressed up my crocheting with a simple technique!

(Posted on 10/5/11)

Review by gillian smith

thankyou Lily Chin.inspirational examples,straightforward instructions,humourous dialogue.Such value for money.

(Posted on 4/29/11)