Crochet Motif Bag Pattern Kit

Download 5 crocheted bag pattern featuring crochet motifs and interesting construction in this Crochet Motif Bag Pattern Kit.

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Download 5 crocheted bag patterns at once!

The Crochet Motif Bag Pattern Kit, exclusive to the Crochet Me Shop, features 5 bags derived from crochet granny squares or motifs. From a felted tote to carry everything to a fashionable shoulder bag with openwork, this Kit has something for everyone.  


The Crochet Motif Bag Pattern Kit includes:

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Abracadabra Bag
by Teresa Alvarez


Originally published in Interweave Crochet Spring 2012, the Abracadabra Bag consists of rectangles of raffia hairpin lace swooped into circles. Then, a crocheted edging transforms them the circles into squares. Two sizes of squares are joined for a bag with swerve. Leave it unlined or add a contrasting fabric lining.

evenings bloom bag  

Evening Blooms Purse
by Robyn Chachula


Originally published in the special issue Interweave Crochet Accessories 2012, the Evenings Bloom Purse designed by Robyn Chachula is ultra-feminine. With thick, three-dimensional blooms joined as you go, this bag can be carried in all seasons. Crochet this in darker tones for fall, pastels for spring. The possibilities are endless.

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banjo bag  

Banjo Bag
by Sharon Ballsmith


Originally published in Interweave Crochet Summer 2011, this motif bag has become a popular pattern for crocheters of all ages. With a easy polka-dot motif throughout, this bag is fun to make and a cheerful carryall. Plus, it's great for yarn storage!

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pinata bag  

Pinata Bag
by Tracy St. John


Originally published in Interweave Crochet Fall 2010, this functional hook and project tote is made fabulous by combining simple motifs and stitches with rich colors and then felting for durability. You can make it more or less ornate by personalizing the color and stripe combinations as you like.

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felted overlay tote  

Felted Overlay Tote
by Jennifer Hagan


Originally published in Interweave Crochet Fall 2007, this unique tote is a study in mixing textures created by using different techniques and fibers. The felted Soysilk/wool blend produces a simple backdrop for the lacy Soysilk outer layer. The tote is worked in one piece in double crochet and features a double-layered bottom for added strength. French squares are then worked in one continuous panel and sewn onto the tote after it's felted.


Get started on your favorite crocheted motif bag pattern right away.


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SKU: U9439

Format: Kit

SKU: U9439

Format: Kit