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Crochet Slipper Collection, Patterns for the Whole Family

Crochet slippers for the whole family. Three dynamite pattern at one discounted price!

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crochet slipper collection
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Find a slipper pattern for everyone in your family plus some for friends

with the Crochet Slipper Collection. Enjoy crocheting slippers patterns designed

by Candi Jensen, Linda Permann, and Doris Chan

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Slippers for the Family  

In this Kit:


Slippers for the Family

three ePatterns by Candi Jensen

In these cozy crochet slippers with purchased bottoms, a basic pattern is varied with edgings, surface crochet, and embellishments.


Put your own flair on already made Boye slipper sock bottoms with the help of Candi Jensen's fun patterns!

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A Family of Slippers  

A Family of Slippers

three ePatterns by Linda Permann


The same basic pattern yields three very different looks: A Mary Jane for mom, Little Slippers that can be customized for girls or boys, and Loafers for Dad.


Choose you favorite colored yarn or use our recommendations!


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Crochet Slippers  

Crocheted Slippers

three ePatterns by Doris Chan

Strong colors and simple crochet combine in a styling pair of slippers. Make them for Dad, make them for Mom, or make them for a child - three patterns offered here!


All these slippers are available in a myriad of sizes for women and men.


Download your Crochet Slipper Collection today and warm up your toes!

SKU: EP7351-EP5525-EP1173-BUNDLE

Format: Kit

SKU: EP7351-EP5525-EP1173-BUNDLE

Format: Kit

Customer Reviews

not brand new Review by Catherine

I have received this new ebook (and other ebook offerings) offer several times in my emails. Todays email says 'newest products and only the newest products'. This is a great collection of slippers. But I recognize almost all of them from previous Crochet magazines. They date back to the very earliest editions and some are much more recent. If interweave wanted to treat their customers properly they would list the dates that these patterns were originally published. It is disingenuous to say this is a new product when in fact it is probably just a reprint of old patterns. I see a couple that I don't recognize but that may not mean they are new.

To truly give good service to subscribers you should offer these ebooks at a very much reduced price to subscribers or those that already own the digital editions in magazines. It is some service to bunch these together in an ebook but not if you give the impression that they are all new and sell at a price appropriate for all new patterns. I see nine patterns represented some may be new most are not.

Interweave should offer a thumbnail index annually that shows all patterns. It should be freely downloadable. Those that buy large digital collections should not have to go through every magazine to find out that they already own a pattern. I think having an index available online is only fair to those that have subscribed for years or bought large digital collections.

Interweave offers an online catalog of patterns for download and like this ebook they are generally previously published patterns. It should indicate the date originally published so the subscriber could look it up rather than download it. If they think it is a great convenience to have the ebook collection they will know they are buying old patterns and choosing to do so.

(Posted on 1/11/2014)

(Posted on 1/11/2014)