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Knit and crochet designer and expert Kristin Omdahl shares her advice for holiday shopping.

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  1. Unexpected Crochet Afghans

    Unexpected Crochet Afghans

    Discover a surprising new take on a crochet essential with Robyn Chachula. Learn More

    Item Number: 11CR04

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    Was: $22.95

    Sale: $15.08

  2. The Finer Edge

    The Finer Edge

    Refine your taste with this innovative collection of 40 stitch and 12 garment patterns from best-selling author Kristin Omdahl. Learn More

    Item Number: 12CR02

    Availability: In stock

    Was: $22.95

    Sale: $16.20

  3. The New Tunisian Crochet

    The New Tunisian Crochet

    Tunisian crochet is hot! Open the door and discover many designers and 30+ Tunisian stitch patterns. Learn More

    Item Number: 12CR01

    Availability: In stock

    Was: $24.95

    Sale: $17.53

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