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pumpkin hat
Pumpkin Hat ePattern
by Brenda K. B. Anderson

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Handmade Halloween Crochet Patterns for Women & Children  

Celebrate Halloween crochet with these Halloween patterns and ideas to show off your Fall spirit. T
he Crochet Me Shop has crochet patterns for any occasion.



Crochet a head-to-toe costume this year for Halloween, or show off your pumpkin pride with a stylish orange crochet sweater patterns. Whatever your age, whatever your style, the Crochet Me Shop has whimsical, practical, and plenty of orange crochet patterns to outfit you and your little ones to celebrate Halloween.  

Shop the Crochet Me pattern store for original, handmade Halloween costume ideas and stylish Fall crochet patterns for women, men, and children.    




Halloween Crochet Patterns and Fall Crochet for Kids

Keep them cozy with crochet Halloween patterns while they're out trick-or-treating. These whimsical Halloween crochet projects are the perfect look for original, handmade costumes for kids. Or, bundle them up in this Autumn attire to celebrate the season.    
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beastly crochet   daisy and minnie   cupcake hat   t rex hat and mitts

Beastly Crochet:

23 Critters to Wear and Love

by Brenda K. B. Anderson


This crochet book has an abundance of crochet Halloween patterns, from skull and bone embroidered scarves and dresses to furry mittens and slippers for all ages. Crochet something creepy cute today! 


Daisy and Minnie Dresses
ePattern by Brenda K. B. Anderson


What little girl wouldn't want to dress up as her favorite doll on Halloween? This matching set of crochet dress patterns are customizable for multiple sizes. Plus, there's minimal finishing!


Cupcake Hats ePattern
by Brenda K. B. Anderson


You'll eat up the variety of crochet stitches constructing this crochet hat—single crochet, shell stitch, post stitches. Top this cute crochet hat with a simple cherry or sprinkles and a candle. 


T. Rex Hat and Mitts ePattern

by April Garwood


Dinosaurs are a boy's best friend! With these crochet accessories, one mitt forms the front of the T. Rex and the other forms the back. Plus, this cute crochet hat will keep heads toasty out in the October air.

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Crochet Bag Patterns for Trick-or-Treating

It's time to load up on candy! These crochet bags are small enough for little hands to carry and sturdy enough for their candy haul. Plus, they can be crocheted to match any costume.
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spvereign bag   fall foliage bag   bubble bag   cabled purse

Sovereign Bag ePattern
by Veruska Sabucco


This deceptively simple crochet bag features lace stitches but is durable to hold candy, candy, and more candy. Crochet this small bag for a prince or princess for a trick-or-treat bag that matches a costume.


Autumn Foliage Bag ePattern
by Judith Swartz


Hook up a tote for the changing season! This messenger-style bag was inspired by the colors of autumn and features large leaf motifs and an acorn closure. This fall bag will also hold enough candy for the serious trick-or-treater!


Bubble Bag ePattern
by Tracy St. John


This felted bag uses an interesting construction technique and very felt-able yarn to make the simple circle-to-square motifs dissolve into seamless floating dots. Felting makes this crochet bag sturdy enough to carry all your bite-sized candy bars.


Carolyn's Cabled Purse ePattern
by Ellen K. Gormley


Three colors combine in this crochet bag, great for a Halloween crochet outing. The whole thing is worked in the round for a seamless construction. Front post double crochet stitches create a rib like texture as well as a woven look.

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Orange Crochet Patterns for Women and Children

If you're not into dressing up for Halloween, at least show you have some holiday spirit with these orange crochet patterns for women and children. Not only great for trick-or-treating, but these fall classics can be worn on other days of the year. Crochet one of these in a subtle orange hue or be daring in bright orange!
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flame scallop cardigan   astrid pullover   citrine skirt   thistledown tunic

Flame Scallop Cardigan ePattern
by Kristen TenDyke


This season-spanning crochet cardigan features a rich shell-pattern bodice with a swingy vertical-ribbed skirt. You can make the skirt of this sweater either fitted or flared. Crochet this in a fiery orange for Autumn!


Astrid Pullover ePattern
by Kathy Merrick


While exploring the idea of Aran-style garments that are crocheted rather than knitted, designer Kathy Merrick uses a sportweight yarn and smaller-scale stitch patterns, not cables or heavy stitches, to create this lightweight crocheted Aran.


Citrine Skirt ePattern
by Annie Modesitt


Worked in vertical panels, this eye-catching crochet skirt has all the details! The gores created between panels at the hemline are filled with pear-shaped motifs, the pattern is extensible for a range of sizes, and the yarn choice provides forgiving drape.


Thistledown Tunic ePattern
by Lily Chin


This fall-colored mosaic crochet tunic uses just one color for each row to create a complex-looking pattern using spike crochet stitches that is actually simple to crochet. Tunics are so in style right now and your little girl will be right on trend!

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retro car coat   rosemary sweater   icarus shawl   spice market tunic

Retro Car Coat ePattern
by Annie Modesitt


Inspired by vintage car coats of the 1940s and 1950s, this crochet coat is worked from the hem up in a crossed double crochet pattern. Pockets and Dorset buttons provide the finishing touches to a look that will go from a VW bug to a Rolls Royce sedan.


Rosemary Sweater ePattern
by Robyn Chachula


One of our most-popular crochet sweater patterns, this ultimate fall sweater is flattering with a slight empire waist and matching sleeves. This pullover is the perfect mix for early fall days, when it's all you need to wear outside.


Icarus Shawl ePattern
by Tracy McCorkle


Inspired by Faroese designs, this crochet shawl wraps around like a great bird, with lacy wings and crocodile-stitch feathers for warmth during flight. Both great for wrapping up this fall and over a renaissance costume, this shawl is a great Halloween crochet project.


Spice Market Tunic ePattern
by Sheryl Means


This tunic exploits the possibilities of two basic Tunisian crochet stitches, the Tunisian simple stitch and Tunisian purl. A rich textured panel is echoed in the slightly flared cuffs of the elbow-length sleeves. Crochet this in a burnt orange yarn for fall.

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