Mother's Day

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Mother's Day Gifts and Patterns to Crochet



A mother is selfless and kind. Show her you care this Mother's Day with handmade Mother's Day gifts. From crochet flowers that will last a lifetime, cute crochet slippers she can make for the whole family, to beautiful crochet baby blanket patterns to celebrate her first Mother's Day, the Crochet Me Shop has an abundance of homemade Mother's Day gifts to make your special mother this holiday.

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Crochet Patterns and Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a celebration of how important and special mothers are. Not sure what to give the woman who has given you everything? Crochet her a special gift this Mother's Day, either to wear on her holiday or for years to come. Choose from these crochet gift ideas: a beautiful crocheted shawl, crochet flowers, and more.  
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Blooming Lariat
by Lezli H. White


Instead of giving your mom flowers on Mother's Day, crochet her a flower in the form of a lariat or necklace that will last forever. She'll wear it with pride on Mother's Day and many years to follow.  


Crocheted Gifts: Irresistible
Projects to Make and Give
by Kim Werker


This book is full of stylish crochet gifts for various occasions, including great projects for Mother's Day. Crochet your mom and cute clutch or lacy shawl, or even cozy mittens.


Mother Nature
by Kristin Omdahl



Inspired by the palette of a Native American painting, the colors used in this geometric crocheted shawl symbolize fire, water, earth, and air. Show your mother she means everything to you with this project. 


Corsage in Bloom
by Christina Marie Potter


This crocheted flower corsage can be made in your Mom's favorite colors. Wearing a handmade Mother's Day gift will make her stand out from the crowd and feel as special as she really is.  

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Crochet Gifts for Mom to Crochet for Mother's Day

Does your mother crochet? Family is important to your mother, so give her the gift of crochet for the whole family. She'll enjoy crafting crochet slippers, hats, and even sweaters for her loved ones. She may even want to crochet herself and her children a matching set of sweaters! Plus, these resources are great for her crochet library.       
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  design your own baby crocheted sweater DVD   goldilocks family of hats   baby blueprint crochet

A Family of Slippers
by Linda Permann


This download includes three patterns for crochet slippers: one for Dad, one for Mom, and one for Baby. Delight your mom this Mother's Day with gifts for the whole family to enjoy.


Design Your Own Crocheted Baby Sweater with Robyn Chachula
DVD workshop


This 120-minute crochet workshop video will equip Mom with all the skills she needs to design and crochet a baby sweater for her little one, including tips for keeping the crochet garment child-proof!   


Goldilock's Family of Hats
by Marty Miller


This pattern download includes five crocheted hat patterns for heads of various sizes. Imagine the fun your mom will have crocheting hats for the entire family, and herself!  


Baby Blueprint Crochet: Irresistible Projects for Little Ones
by Robyn Chachula


Surprise your mom on Mother's Day with this book of projects to crochet for babies and kids, complete with visual crochet charts and written instructions for 25 crocheted patterns for boys, girls, and the home.

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Crochet Gifts and Patterns for a New Mom on Mother's Day

Celebrate a mom's first Mother's Day with these crochet gifts and pattern ideas. From durable and warm crochet afghans to cuddle up with her newborn baby to beautiful Mother's Day gifts to dress-up her children, these patterns and projects are both cute and useful for anyone venturing into motherhood. 
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Solas Caomh
by Jodi Euchner


Irish for "tender comfort", Sólás Caomh is a cabled baby blanket that is sure to be an heirloom. Crochet this beauty for the new mother and her baby on Mother's Day to celebrate the tender moments they will share.


Craft Tree: Crocheted Baby Gifts
edited by Amy Palmer



This book contains 10 gifts to crochet for babies, all suitable for a Mom on her first Mother's Day. Crochet cute baby bibs and booties, or unique hats, a stuffed bunny toy, or even a summery dress for a baby girl. 


Kathyrn in Beauly Dress & Hat
by Kathy Merrick


Inspired by the colors of the highlands around Beauly, Scotland, this dress and bonnet combination is perfect for a mom to dress her new little baby girl in style for Mother's Day.  


Magic Carpet Blanket
by Melisa Darnieder


This hand-crocheted quilt is thick, warm, durable, and washable. A great choice for a baby's first blanket, any new mom would appreciate this gift to celebrate her first Mother's Day. 

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