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for the love of crochet, for the loved ones in your life

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with crochet Valentine gifts for yourself or a loved one, we've got you covered. Tackle a boyfriend sweater, crochet Valentine hats for friends, or decorate your home with red projects to show off your affection for crochet. From heirloom-style afghans to quick-to-crochet easy accessories, these Valentine crochet patterns and gift ideas are sure to win over hearts!


Crochet Gift Resources:

If you crochet gifts these books and magazines are perfect for your crochet library, complete with Valentine's Day crochet gift ideas and much more.



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clever crocheted accessories

Craft Tree: Crocheted Baby Gifts

Crochet the perfect gift for the little one in your life with this collection of 10 popular crocheted baby and children patterns and gift ideas.
  Interweave Presents Crocheted Gifts: Irresistible Projects to Make & Give
eBook edited by Kim Werker

Crochet for your Valentine or make stylish gifts year-round with this collection of 25 projects from today's top crochet designers.
  Interweave Crochet Accessories
2014 special issue

With over 50 crochet accessory projects, this special issue magazine download features crocheted hats, wraps, and more for men, women, and children. Plus, a look at crocheted toys for tots.
  Clever Crocheted Accessories:
25 Quick Weekend Projects
by Brett Bara

This collection of 25 unique crochet accessory projects are perfect for gifting, although you may be tempted to keep them for yourself!
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Red Patterns:

Show off your love with these crochet patterns shown in various shades of red, perfect for your Valentine's Day wardrobe or to gift to a loved one for the holiday.

betty's button-up mitts   cinnabar coat   sweet lorraine throw   road to bruges
Bettie's Button-Up Mitts
by Brenda K. B. Anderson

Show your loving side with these cute crocheted mitts adorned with buttons that are easy-to-crochet, originally from Interweave Crochet Accessories 2010.
  Cinnabar Coat
by Mari Lynn Patrick

This classic crocheted overcoat by Mari Lynn Patrick is a timeless crochet design for women you can wear for Valentine's Day and years to come.
  Sweet Lorraine Throw
by Doris Chan

This simple lace crocheted afghan in a bright red is the perfect project to decorate your home or give as a gift for Valentine's Day.
  The Road to Bruges
by Annette Petavy

This feminine lace crocheted scarf pattern mimics the traditional bobbin lace developed in Bruges, Belgium.
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Gifts for Him:

Surprise the special man in your life with designs that show your love, perfect for Valentine's Day crocheted gifts he'll cherish for years to come.

hank and joe vest   russell sweater   galen's manly scarf and hat   the best guy hat ever
Hank and Joe Vest
by Brenda K. B. Anderson

This hearty crocheted vest pattern by Brenda K. B. Anderson comes in a variety of sizes for boys and men in your life.
  Russell Sweater
by Annette Petavy

Sized for boys and men, this rustic and rugged pullover crocheted sweater is the ultimate stylish garment that guys will want to wear.
  Galen's Manly Scarf and Hat
by Anne Lecrivain

Simple stripes, classic looks, and sturdy construction make this crocheted hat and scarf duo the perfect accessory for any man.
  The Best Guy Hat Ever
by Brenda K. B. Anderson

This crocheted hat can easily be sized for any head and features amazing elasticity with rows of slipped stitches.
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Gifts for All:

From sweet to functional, these crocheted gift ideas are perfect for someone on your Valentine's Day love list.

corsage in bloom   ereader cover   mollie makes crochet   crochet at home
Corsage in Bloom
by Christina Marie Potter

This blooming crocheted adornment can be worn as a chocker or a brooch, and is a great alternative to real floral arrangements.
  eReader Cover
by Eva Mergen

Show your crochet valentine you care with this quick, easy-to-crochet eReader cover perfect for the techie in your love life.
  Mollie Makes Crochet

Crochet 20 cute projects for the home, plus learn handy crochet techniques with this Mollie Makes book. Patterns include crochet pot holders, coasters, and even crocheted toys.
  Crochet at Home: 25 Clever
Projects for Colorful Living
by Brett Bara

This collection of 25 clever, small, and quick weekend crochet projects add cheer and color to any home.
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