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  1. Bodega Bay Cuff

    Bodega Bay Cuff

    Made up primarily of double crochet and chain stitches, this project is quick and enjoyable to create. Learn More

    Item Number: EP6356

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  2. Bicycle Basket

    Bicycle Basket

    The perfect accessory for the crocheter on the go. Learn More

    Item Number: EP6355

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  3. Fiddlehead Basket

    Fiddlehead Basket

    Crochet this doily-pattern basket. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4562

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  4. Azalea Bowls

    Azalea Bowls

    Crochet decorative bowls. Learn More

    Item Number: EP4554

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  5. Swift Eddy Tablecloth

    Swift Eddy Tablecloth

    A great crochet accent piece for any home! Learn More

    Item Number: EP4556

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  6. Owlivia and Little Livvie

    Owlivia and Little Livvie

    Owl amigurumi! Learn More

    Item Number: EP4561

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  7. Clarence the Monkey

    Clarence the Monkey

    Crochet this adorable monkey! Learn More

    Item Number: EP3736

    Availability: Download Now


  8. eReader Cover

    eReader Cover

    Cute and quick e-Reader cover. Learn More

    Item Number: EP3340

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  9. Marguerite's Earrings

    Marguerite's Earrings

    Quick earrings to make in a day that feature crochet chain stitch mesh. Learn More

    Item Number: EP3005

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  10. Tatiana's Earrings and Cuff

    Tatiana's Earrings and Cuff

    The combination of light thread and glass beads creates this stunning earring and cuff bracelet duo. Learn More

    Item Number: EP2894

    Availability: Download Now


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