Dino Bone and Damasteel Pendant

Mix two unique stones into a single pendant design bursting with textural beauty.

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Advance your stone setting skills as your craft this one-of-a-kind pendant design that is diverse and beautiful. Practice your soldering, fabrication, and tube setting skills with this project that mixes textures, metals, and stones into one striking project.

Required Materials:

Gem quality agatized dinosaur bone cabochon, half circle
Matching size Damasteel
Triangular cut bone, antler, or fossil ivory in proportion to the cabs
20 gauge sterling silver sheet
1.5 mm flat wire
16 gauge sterling wire
18 gauge sterling sheet
3mm bezel wire
One 4-5mm premade tube set in sterling or gold
One 4-5 mm sapphire
330 2-part epoxy
LAYOUT: Ultra-fine Sharpie
HAND: Rawhide mallet, jeweler’s saw and blades, various needle or smaller files: #4 cut; round nose pliers, extra
long nose, if possible; flat nose pliers, #2 hand file, #4 hand file, bail making pliers, thin burnisher Soldering: “Burn ‘em up” pliers: extra long nose chain nose pliers used for holding things, complete soldering setup, pickle, fine pointed
tweezers, flux, solder pick, solder brick or charcoal, quench water, copper tongs, fire extinguisher, hard and easy solder
POLISHING AND FINISHING: 3M micro finishing film, 15 and 9 micron; 4 3M pink (pumice) radial bristle disks (called “spiders”) on a mandrel, Fordham or Dremel, polished prong
setter (referred to as a tube setter), or a prong/bezel pusher, 4-5 mm stone setting or flame bur (it should correspond to the size tube set), Burlife, liver of sulfur, polishing cloth,
eye protection and particle mask Op tional: Fretz HMR 12 sharp texturing hammer, quality and hallmark stamps, rolling mill
Technique: Metalsmithing
Originally Published: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, July 2012

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Lexi Erickson

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