DoodleBeads with Leslie Rogalski Learn 12 Basic Seed Bead Stitches DVD

See the secrets of 12 essential seed-bead stitches!

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Now you can master 12 essential seed bead stitches with the best, most visually comprehensive lessons in seed beading yet.

Join seed-bead expert, editor, and designer Leslie Rogalski for up-close, step-by-step tutorials. Watch how each stitch works with Leslie’s signature thread-path diagramsfor each stitch, she draws exactly the path the thread travels.

Table of Contents

Order your copy of this dynamic DVD to learn:

  • Even-count peyote stitch
  • Odd-count peyote stitch
  • Tubular peyote stitch
  • Circular peyote stitch
  • Flat herringbone stitch
  • Tubular herringbone stitch
  • Flat brick stitch
  • Circular brick stitch
  • Flat right-angle weave
  • Circular netting
  • Flat square stitch
  • Spiral rope


Discover Leslie’s expert tips and see examples of inspirational jewelry pieces you can soon make with your new skills!


SKU: 09BD16

Author/Speaker/Editor: Leslie Rogalski

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596682511

Customer Reviews

Liked Doodle Beads Review by Mary

If I were an advanced beader I might be writing a different review. But I am not. I found Doodle Beads and the links it provides was just what I needed to work more easily and with more self assurance. As a beginner I welcomed this DVD. It was just what I needed to proceed with more self-confidence. I felt it was one of the best I've been able to find. It's provided just the type of help I've been looking for.

(Posted on 2/16/14)

Don''t waste your money Review by Suzanne Meyer

I agree with the reviewer who felt the instructions weren''t detailed enough. Also, look for a copy of the Beadwork magazine "Favorite Bead Stitches" . . . for $14.99 you get the magazine and this video FREE . . . which is about what it's worth.

(Posted on 6/11/10)

DoodleBeads is Great! Review by Karen Keegan

For a newcomer to seed beads, this video is fantastic. The ability to watch the beading steps live, and see where each bead needs to go is so much more helpful than trying to read a printed chart or instructions. Leslie is an obvious pro at the techniques, and her enthusiasm shines through as she helps you learn. Love it!

(Posted on 1/12/10)

The Best Way to Learn! Review by Jane Dickerson

This video is perfect for beginners just learning techniques. Being able to see the stitches in action makes such a huge difference. And you get clear downloadable instruction pages with excellent tips and illustrations. I highly recommend Doodlebeads. It''s the best way to learn bead stitching!

(Posted on 1/12/10)

LOVE DoodleBeads! Review by Jeanne Williamson

I totally disagree with the other reviewer and love DoodleBeads. I''m a beginner seed beader so these lessons are perfect because they just show how to do the stitch. I can practice before I spend time making a finished piece and when I''m ready, my jewelry comes out looking so much better. I do wish the lessons were a little longer, but the cameras come in really close to show really good detail. Leslie does go fast on the DVD so I pause it often. But the pages you can download help a lot. I really like that there are the extra tips with the patterns that are like the ones Leslie uses on the DVD. I think for beginner beaders this DVD is worth every penny. Plus Leslie is fun to watch. I love her rings. I first saw her other DoodleBeads videos on the Beading Daily web site video section. I finally got odd count peyote by watching her draw it! And they have music, and funny little introductions. Interweave should make Leslie''s DVDs more like the ones online, with music, more fun, and maybe a little longer. I also hope Leslie does a new DVD that shows complete projects using DoodleBeads stitches I learned from this DVD.

(Posted on 1/12/10)

Extremely Disappointed Review by Mary Fisher

I was very excited when I first saw this video. I watched the sample and thought this was good. I also thought it was just a small piece of the lesson. Was I wrong. What you see is all you get. These are bits that ran on Beads, Baubles, & Jewels. There is no substance or progressive instruction. It is literally the first 2-3 rows of the basic stitch. You can print this type of instruction on the net and save yourself $30. I wish I had. What a waste of my money & my time. If this is the level of instruction on Interweaves videos go elseware. I know I will.

(Posted on 12/28/09)