DoodleBeads Volume 2 with Leslie Rogalski: Learn 10 More Basic Seed Bead Stitches

The best-selling beadweaving resource is back with even more stitch how-tos!

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The best-selling beadweaving resource is back with even more stitch how-tos!

Now you can master the rest of the essential seed-bead stitches with the newest edition of the most visually comprehensive seed-bead lessons in the new DVD DoodleBeads Volume 2: Learn 10 More Basic Seed-Bead Stitches.

Join seed-bead expert, editor, and designer Leslie Rogalski for up-close, step-by-step tutorials. Watch how each stitch works with Leslie’s signature thread-path diagrams—for each stitch, she draws exactly the path the thread travels.

Order your copy of this dynamic DVD to learn:

-Square Stitch: Increase & Decrease
-Daisy Chain
-Two-drop herringbone stitch
-Peyote stitch decrease
-Two-drop peyote stitch
-Chevron stitch
-St. Petersburg stitch
-Picot trim
Get started today with this must-have, easy-to-follow seed-bead resource you’ll use again and again!


SKU: 10BD17

Author/Speaker/Editor: Leslie Rogalski

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596682924

Customer Reviews

Displeased Review by Billy

The best part of the stitches that she is supposed to be demonstrating is the picture diagram. The diagram makes it easier to understand than her instructions using the beads. She cuts short her verbal instructions to show you her examples. When explaining the two drop peyote she stresses that you always pick up in pairs but there is always an odd number of pairs that you work with, her working example shows five pairs. But when she shows you her sample work she has one worked up with just two (even number) of pairs. Also in two drop peyote she refers to this dipsy doodle turn, but in her diagram her dipsy doodle on one end is not the same as the dipsy doodle (her terms not mine) on the other end. When she shows you using the beads and thread she stops before and ever shows you this dipsy doodle turn and then moves on to her examples. I am very disappointed with this dvd and this purchase.

(Posted on 7/2/13)