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Double-Faced Tablet Weaving

With the double-faced tablet weaving techniques in this workshop video, you will learn the fundamentals and beyond of weaving reversible, patterned bands.

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double-faced tablet weaving
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Handwoven Presents:

Double-Faced Tablet Weaving
with John Mullarkey
Weaving Video Workshop



Imagine a 4-shaft loom you can carry in your pocket! With double-faced tablet weaving, you can create reversible bands patterned with geometric patterns, figures, or letters, perfect for use as belts, straps, bookmarks, or to embellish other weaving projects. In this video, John Mullarkey teaches the fundamentals of double-faced tablet weaving, including:


  • Tablet-weaving tools and materials
  • How to read a double-faced draft
  • Warping for double-faced tablet weaving
  • Techniques for successful weaving, including managing twist direction and fixing mistakes
  • Weaving twill patterns with cards
  • How to design and chart your own double-faced patterns
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With double-faced tablet weaving, you have the freedom to design patterns as you weave and go wherever your imagination leads you. John makes it easy and fun to explore the wonderful world of tablet-woven bands.
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Order your copy of Double-Faced Tablet Weaving with John Mullarkey today!

This 125-minute weaving workshop is available on 2-disc DVD Set or as a video download in standard or high definition.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: John Mullarkey

File/Trim Size: SD: 1.73 GB; 5.48 GB

File Type: MP4

Format: Video

Runtime: 125 Minutes

Customer Reviews

Thank you, John! Review by Sherry

I love this video! I understood the principles of double-faced weaving, but not the practical, hand-on "how-to" aspects of it. I knew there was something I wasn't getting as I went from one mess to another. As I watched this video, everything fell into place, John explains the process clearly and in depth, and he even included the bits that they forget to write in books.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, John! The veil has been lifted and I can see clearly now. And it all makes sense - finally! I'll be watching this video again as I set up a new warp (old off loom and in idle for the time being) and weave along with you.

(Posted on 5/14/14)

I am not quite ready for this one Review by Maria

As I said in my review of John's other video, great instruction and great information...almost more info than I can process being new to the craft. Same complaint as I had before with the camera work. More complicated explanations that could be clarified so much more if the camera was giving a view of the whole action, both card turning and fell...As it was, I understood what was happening theoretically but I do much better if I can see it too. Lots of info, lots to process and lots of camera shots showing only one aspect of what is going on leads to frustration. I will be watching this many times before I finally feel like I have it down.

(Posted on 10/12/13)