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Drafting The Long and Short of It (DVD)

What’s the difference between woolen and worsted spinning? IS there a difference? How do you decid

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What’s the difference between woolen and worsted spinning? IS there a difference? How do you decide when to use what method? Why should a spinner care? The questions are legion, the answers sometimes confusing. Here to make common sense out of it all is Abby Franquemont, who has been spinning since she was five years old.
Table of Contents
You'll learn: - The short forward draw (worsted) and what kinds of fibers it’s best for. - The backward long draw (woolen) and what kinds of fibers to choose it for. - Two hybrid drafting methods, including spinning from the fold. - Important extras such as making good worsted joins and spinning ergonomics. - And last but not least, what happens when you give two kittens the run of a spinning studio. The result? You’ll be comfortable with a wide range of drafting methods, and you will have developed a sense of when and how to use them with different fiber preparations. It’s all part of becoming an accomplished spinner, and making the yarn you want.

SKU: 09SP04

Author/Speaker/Editor: Abby Franquemont

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596682481

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Customer Reviews

Review by Betty Jong

I enjoyed this DVD and was very pleased with the overall quality. I am new to spinning and appreciated hearing her talk about, and demonstrate, worsted versus woolen spinning, and variations in between, as well as spinning on the fold. I had heard references to spinning on the fold, but this was the first time I had seen it demonstrated and specifically discussed. She included information on types of fibre and preparations, and the affects of the various spinning methods (worsted, woolen, variations between the two, and "on the fold") for different outcomes. Although she did not ply in the DVD, she did show some of the finished yarns that she had spun in the DVD, and then plied (2-ply and 3-ply), or not plied (single). She discussed how the 2-ply was not twice as thick, but 2/3rds as thick. And, the resulting thickness and shape of the 3-ply versus the 2-ply was quite interesting to hear and see. All in all very informative and well done. A quality production. Very pleased with this purchase.

(Posted on 9/28/10)

Drafting: The Long and Short of It Review by Denise Vitola

I found this video to be immensely helpful. I''m a new spinner with no access to classes, nor do I know anyone in my area who spins. This video was informative and the demonstrations were clear. The host spoke well and used simple terms that I appreciated it.

(Posted on 2/23/10)

Review by Joe Sullins

I thought this video was quite good. Lots of great information from Abby and really excellent demonstrations. It completely made me want to sit down and start spinning to work out some of these techniques. Where I think I experienced some issue though were with the production issues. There''s quite a lot of information on the different sample yarns, but you only get a cursory, at best, glance at them. There''s no real way to evaluate or correlate the information described because the camera just doesn''t linger long enough or in enough detail to really punctuate Abby''s discussion. Also, in several demonstrations, the white lap cloth completely obscures the lighter color yarn she''s making so you really just have to take what she''s saying on faith because you can''t see it first hand. That happened in several key areas, where I would have loved a much better visual contrast to help see what was happening.

(Posted on 2/20/10)