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Dyeing in the Kitchen (Video Download)

Cooking up custom colors with protein fibers and synthetic dyes.
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Dyeing your own yarn or fiber offers the same satisfaction as making your own homemade soup. You know exactly what goes in it, you can tweak the ingredients to get exactly what you want, you can make endless variations from just a few basic ingredients. Plus, it’s fun! And you can do it right in your own kitchen! 

Deb Menz knows the process inside out, and she is a master of making color alchemy attainable for anyone. All you need is some wool, silk, or other protein fiber and a few basic dye powders to mix and match as you please.

In this cheerful session, Deb talks about:

  • Equipment and safety
  • Choosing basic dyes that are safe and easy to use
  • Making stock solutions to keep handy for color mixing
  • Simple (really simple!) math for creating repeatable colors if you want to
  • Color mixing – the sky’s the limit.

After that, it’s all fun! Deep-water and low-water dyeing, dip dyeing, resist dyeing, ombrés, self-striping yarns, squirting, injecting, dribbling – and overdyeing if you don’t like what you get the first time. Along the way, you will pick up useful hints on color theory so you can get just the effects you want.

About the Author
Deb Menz is a teacher and fiber artist with years of dyeing and color-blending experience. Her previous DVDs, Color Works for Spinners and Color and Yarn Design for Spinners, supplement her classic books, Color in Spinning and Color Works (all from Interweave). Deb lives in Middleton, Wisconsin.

SKU: EP2884

Author/Speaker/Editor: Deb Menz

Format: Standard Definition Video

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Customer Reviews

Excellent Overview Of Acid Dyes Review by Beachweaver

This is a very good overview of dying protein fibers with acid dyes. It's a survey course, so I am interested in getting to the next level on some topics, but overall a good overview of safety issues, equipment requirements, tub dying, painting, and a number of other techniques. Chock full of good concepts like making dye stock solutions, why metric is better for dying than pounds and ounces, using syringes instead of measuring spoon, and lots more. Everything a novice (like me) needs to have the confidence to start dying. Also provides a very good overview of the color wheel and (importantly) how it relates to dyeing, including depth of shade and the use of black and complementary colors. I've purchase countless books on dyeing and this video far exceeds them all.

(Posted on 7/15/14)

Lots of great information Review by Ellen

I really enjoyed this video. Deb presents information on several different dyeing techniques, along with very clear instructions on how to mix dyestock and how to calculate amount of dyestock needed for a specific amount of fiber. This video has helped build my confidence in dyeing, and has helped me gather the right tools for achieving the effects I want.

(Posted on 4/28/14)

Dyeing in the Kitchen Review by Annette Edler

On the one side, this video is really great; on the other I was disappointed. I was expecting more about dying with natural colors like onions, red beets, etc. This video shows nothing of the sort. But, if one wants to dye with powder and adding natural acids

(Posted on 9/17/12)

Fantastic Review by Michele Girard

This is a fantastic DVD. Very informative and inspiring. Well done and Deb Menz is very energetic and generous with her information. Job well done!

(Posted on 5/15/12)

Deb's Dyeing Video - Awesome! Review by Iryna Boehland

Thank you Interweave and Deb Menz! I have her book and was longing to get to her workshops. Thanks goodness, this video gave me this opportunity! I love the video, quality, and the soft and quiet Deb's voice. I enjoyed learning about many ways of dyeing and many different results. I do dye sometimes, but never ever I thought that mixing the dye the tech way would be that easy! Good step-by-step instructions, easy way of calculating and mixing ingredients. I didn't quite catch the names of the ribbons (to tie the yarn with) in the Resist Dye part of the video. Overall - beautifully done video!

(Posted on 3/18/12)

Dyeing in the Kitchen Review by Daniel MacBride

LOVE this video, very informative and easy to follow step-by-step instructions for all the dyeing basics. I had previously put off attempting to dye fibre or yarn because of lack of good instruction - this video solved that problem and now I am confident that I will have no difficulty producing beautiful dyed and handpainted yarns and fibre :)

(Posted on 10/13/11)