Dyeing to Stitch: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Colorful Fabric Art (Video Download)

Join Candy as she shares her dyeing techniques, explorations into color theory, and “free-motion machine sketched” motifs.
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In this comprehensive video, fiber artist Candy Glendening shares all! From her dyeing techniques and explorations into color theory, to her approach to quilting and “free-motion machine sketched” motifs, Candy takes viewers step-by-step through her creative process. Learn how Candy uses low-water immersion dyeing with fiber-reactive dyes to create single-hued and multihued cotton fabrics for use in her art. Candy’s recipes for 6 luscious jewel-tone hues are included on the video. You’ll learn how Candy’s training as a research scientist allows her to dye a very specific color and consistently match that color each time she dyes. She also demonstrates how she uses free-motion machine sketching as a design element in her work. Each step of the process is accompanied by specific examples that feature Candy’s unique, colorful aesthetic.
  • Procion® MX fiber-reactive dyes (available from dharmatrading.com and prochemicalanddye.com)
  • Soda ash (sodium carbonate, often called “pH Up”; available in the pool supply aisle of big-box stores, at your local pool supply store, and through online dye suppliers)
  • Prepared for dyeing fabric (I use PFD Dyer’s Cloth #MDYE from P & B Textiles.)
  • Blender (dedicated to nonfood use)
  • Graduated cylinders/measuring cups ranging from 10–500ml (dedicated to nonfood use)
  • Particulate mask
  • Rectangular plastic containers (kitty litter size; dedicated to nonfood use)
  • Gloves
  • Synthrapol
  • Variegated quilting thread (I use YLI Fusions 24/3 ply.)
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter, ruler, and mat
  • Sewing machine with free-motion capabilities
  • Free-motion foot
  • Machine needle: sharp/denim size 90/14 
  • Batting (I use Fusi-Boo™ Fusible Blended Fiber Batting by Fairfield.)
  • Fusible web


  • Stretcher bars
  • Double-sided fusible, ultra-firm stabilizer interfacing (I use 72F Peltex II.)

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Candy Glendening

Format: Standard Definition Video

Customer Reviews

A very informative and interesting video Review by Marje

The techniques in this video are clearly and intelligently presented. Candy explains enough, but not too much, of the chemistry involved in order to be able to replicate results. I particularly appreciated information on rinsing and the removal of excess dye from the fabric because in the past I have used far too much time and water on this part of the process. Although not much time on the video was given to the use of the finished product, I found it interesting and I have promised myself that, besides dyeing fabric, I will work on improving my free-motion abilities.

(Posted on 5/16/14)

Precise Straight Forward Dyeing Proceedure - Really, Really Good! Review by Doyle

The seasoned higher education teaching experience was apparent from start to finish - very little non-contributing off the subject banter about how great she was, etc. frequently found in these DVDs. Good production values and well thought-out flow of dialogue. Pleasant personality and enjoyable tone of voice. The dyeing part is really excellent - unfortunately, the add on of the instructors obsession with little brightly colored bird houses seemed a bit weird and could have been easily cut. The few seconds of time trying to demo rather primitive free-motion stitching lacked in the presentation skills that I highly admired in the dyeing. All in all the bulk of the video makes it well worth purchasing even if you don't have a second graders fondness of wonky little brightly colored bird houses. Buy this one!

(Posted on 4/26/14)

Dyeing to Stitch Review by Cheryl Titmus

Have just watched this brilliant video which gives useful information to dyeing fabric - from a scientific viewpoint so the colours should be easy to repeat. It is full of useful tips in how to use the colour wheel to obtain ones own attractive fabrics in various colour ways using the basic primary colours and the recipe is supplied to get the exact colour. It is given in an easy to use way and this is extended to include shades, tones and tints. But it doesn't stop here as Candy shows how to cut and use the coloured fabric in producing quilted designs for pictures, bags and quilts using free-machine quilting. I have been very impressed with this video and look forward to more. It is inspirational and given me the courage to take that first step and then end up with something satisfying and enjoyably atheistic. Thank you Candy.

(Posted on 12/29/11)

An excellent DVD Review by Eileen Pollock

An excellent DVD on how to dye fabric. The instructor explains the procedure very clearly from start to finish. Highly recommended for anyone learning how to dye fabric.

(Posted on 12/27/11)

Thorough explanation and demonstration of dyeing techniques Review by Diane Wolkoff

I loved that this video finally explains the reasoning for all the different ingredients I've read about in different articles and books! I had given up on my thoughts of trying dyeing because everthing I read used different ingredients and it was just too confusing for me. Ms. Glendening explains just how it is that things like soda ash, salt, temperature etc. affect the dyeing process and then teaches how to just use the easiest and simplest method to get the effect you want. With her background as a chemist, she has literally done all the research for us to make everything as simple as possible and has come up with "recipes" to accurately mix colors so you can reproduce the exact color each time. Her projects are easy but very visually striking. I can't wait to get started!

(Posted on 12/26/11)